Desert Dance: ‘Open Secrets’

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Released June 17, 2014 (Desert Dance)

Track List:
01. Open Secrets
02. Louder Faster And Sleeze
03. Dance
04. Crime Town
05. Letting You Know
Junior Rodrigues – vocals
Lizzy Louiz – guitar
Leonardo Xavier – bass
Nico “The Boss” – drums

Produced by De Grigo. Mixed by Henrique Baboom. Mastered by Alessandro Kabral.

Hailing from Brazil, Desert Dance is yet another example of the internet’s unlimited reach in spreading sleaze metal throughout every corner of the world. While not without flaws, Desert Dance‘s debut EP does show a lot of promise while recreating an ’80s sound made famous by a couple bands in particular.
Those two groups I speak of are Skid Row and Badlands. Skid Row immediately comes to mind while listening to Open Secrets‘ rambunctious lead-off single “Louder Faster And Sleeze”. Easily the best composition found on the EP, the song features shredding guitar work and the type of screaming over-the-top vocal delivery that propelled Sebastian Bach to stardom. “Dance” on the other hand ventures into Badlands territory as the song excels due to the contrast between its hard-rocking and moody moments and displays the songwriting talents that exist within Desert Dance.
“Crime Town” has the potential to follow in the footsteps of “Dance” but just doesn’t seem to work quite as well — maybe do to the staccato drum pattern or slightly annoying lead up to the chorus — while the closing “Letting You Know” falls somewhere between the two spectrums found on Open Secrets. By no means the EP’s shining moment, the song succeeds mostly thanks to its chorus, the screaming vocals into the wailing guitar solo and a thumping drum beat.
Featuring Electric Age vocalist Junior Rodrigues and drummer Nico “The Boss”, as well as B.I.T.E. guitarist Lizzy Louiz, I’m not sure if Desert Dance is a side project or the musician’s new focus. Whatever the situation, Desert Dance shows a lot of potential despite the fact they have only been together less than a year.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, December 2014

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