Cherry Bang – Generation Sexxx

Cherry Bang - Generation Sexxx
Released 1999 (Cherry Bang)

Track List:
01. (Do You Remember) Rock-N-Roll
02. 21st Century Girl
03. Back Seat Love Story
04. Let’s Go
05. Close My Eyes
06. LeAnne
07. *69
08. Something In The Smile
09. Chutes-N-Ladders
10. Deja Vu
11. Sexxx Reaction
12. Midnite Rendezvous

Billy Carri – vocals and guitar
Alley Kasey – guitar and backing vocals
Kehli Atomz – bass
Krys Strange – drums and backing vocals

Produced by Cherry Bang, Lynn Glezen and Rikk Manning.

Shit happens sometimes, and cloning other people’s ideas happens too. In music it happens even more often than sometimes. A lot of people rant about it, saying that one artist rips off another artist just by playing something that resembles this other artist’s songs.

  It’s called playing in the same style. Sometimes it’s a homage to an artist one grew up listening to, sometimes it’s just because one likes a certain type of sound and style of playing and sometimes it comes deliberately. Hell, I’m sure some bands “rip off” the sound of others and don’t even know it.

  This is how it goes with the band Cherry Bang and their 1999 debut CD Generation Sexxx. Some people might dub it a complete Pretty Boy Floyd rip-off, but it isn’t. After the first listen you might get the feeling that the boys were heavily influenced by Pretty Boy Floyd, but if you stick to this CD a little longer you’ll quickly discover that it has a style of its own. Singer Billy Carri sounds a lot like Steve Summers, but the biggest similarities are in the guitars. Generation Sexxx sounds like a weakly produced Pretty Boy Floyd album, however the songwriting stands tall as the songs speak for themselves. They have a quality all their own and deserve to be listened to more than once in order to judge them.

  All in all, Generation Sexxx sounds like a Pretty Boy Floyd album. Not a very well produced CD, but definitely not a bunch of outtakes. If you like Pretty Boy Floyd you’ll love Cherry Bang. –

Reviewed by Fat Peter for Sleaze Roxx, April 2008.

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