Cherry Bang – Popped!

Cherry Bang - Popped!
Released 2002 (Metal Mayhem Music)

Track List:
01. Fantasy
02. Beautiful Mistake
03. Goodnight/Goodbye
04. Want Me
05. Only One
06. Fallin’ Down
07. Close My Eyes
08. Think About You
09. Blue
10. On My Own
11. Perfect Day

Billy Carri – vocals and guitar
Steve Simon – guitar and backing vocals
Kehli Atomz – bass
Krys Strange – drums and backing vocals

Popped! is the sophomore outing from these Ohio natives. Songs such as “Fantasy”, “Want Me” and “On My Own” show their talent. This band has a big local following, and I see why.

  If Cherry Bang came out during the 80’s, they could have been big. They remind one of bands such as Pretty Boy Floyd and Vain. The songs are catchy and the band has a definable glam image, earning Popped! two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, February 2003.

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