Christian Shields: ‘This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll’

Released on March 13, 2020 (Shields Records)

Christian Shields is a 29 year old musician whose might have come to us from the year 1982 to save us from pop music hell. All kidding aside, Shields does wear his musical influences on his sleeve and his debut album This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll is very suited for a review on Sleaze Roxx. Shields hails from Austin Texas and currently lists only himself and another lead guitarist (Marshall Benson) in his band.

Fans of Aldo Nova may notice that the opening track “Not This Time” is cut from the same cloth as Nova‘s “Fantasy” with a some doom synth to start the track off, a heavy riff and background keyboards to round out the song. Departing from the Aldo Nova sound however is the sheer power of Shields‘ tenor vocals and his ability to handle some Ian Gillan territory. This is very evident in the fast paced hard rocker “Can’t Get Enough” and another fist pumper “Raise Em Up.”

The shining star for me on This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll is the lead off single simply entitled “Rock And Roll.” The song has shredding, melody, harmonies, a catchy chorus, cowbell and is overall infectious. Perhaps this is something out of Paul Stanley‘s KISS playbook as even the cover artwork for This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll is arguably similar to KISSLove Gun cover.

As I write this review, the Covid-19 virus is unleashing its fury on the world and news is only going from bad to worse. If ever there was a time we needed something fun or a hint of an escape that might only need to last three minutes and 17 seconds, we need it now. The track “Rock And Roll” would suffice for me every time as it never fails to lift my spirits and put a smile on my face.

Fans of the classic dawn of hair metal era will completely enjoy This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll as it hits all the buttons you’d ever want.

Track List:
01. Not This Time
02. Rock And Roll
03. Lie To Me
04. By The Strings
05. Can’t Get Enough
06. Here Comes The Man
07. All Or Nothing
08. Raise ‘Em Up
09. Without You
10. Off The Track

Band Members:
Christian Shields
– lead vocals, guitar
Marshall Benson – lead guitar, vocals

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Mark Hovarth for Sleaze Roxx, March 2020

Christian Shields‘ “Rock And Roll” single:

Christian Shields – Rock and Roll (Official Audio)

Official audio of Christian Shields performing “Rock and Roll” from his album ‘This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll.’Album available here:…

Christian Shields‘ “Not This Time” single:

Christian Shields – Not This Time (Official Audio)

Official audio of Christian Shields performing “Not This Time” from his album ‘This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll.’Album available here:…