Cobrakill: ‘Cobratör’

To be released in February 2022 (Cobrakill)

Following on from their 2020 self-titled three track EP, Germany’s Cobrakill have since had a major personnel overhaul, with only lead guitarist and mainstay Randy White remaining from that release.

Things on their debut album get off to a promising start with the Mötley Crüe-like “Silver Fist” which comes complete with Vince Neil style screaming and a deft Nikki Sixx bass impersonation from Crippler Ramirez.  This continues with “Deathstalker” until the song apparently runs out of ideas and has a rather plodding, apologetic ending. Title track “Cobrator” picks things up again and, although the lyrics are more than banal, the soaked in sleaze vocal performance more than compensates for that.

“Desperados” is the band’s adrenalin fuelled anthem with speed metal touches that will no doubt delight the denim clad mosh-pit in the front row of their gigs, and “Electrifier” is possibly the best song on the album with more great  guitar work from White and Tommy Gun, and fine, emotive screams from singer Nick Adams. “Bring It , Sugar” runs very close as my favourite song and is only really let down by another slightly meandering last minute or so. “Lavender Haze Gypsy” is a full on Faster Pussycat impression that surprisingly left me rather cold. The band’s nod to a scarf waving, audience swaying closer “We’ve Just Begun” is full of good intention I’m sure, but is a rather limp way to end proceedings, in all honesty, and the lyrics about ‘winning & fame & fortune’ I found distinctly irritating.

The major problem with Cobrakill’s first release was trying to cram too many styles into each song. That particular problem is far less evident on this release — although it does have its moments in one or two tracks. The production is a little muddy and the mixing ever so slightly off point at times, but the band members are together and Adams is certainly a vocalist in the finest sleazy tradition. The aforementioned influences are obvious but, despite that or perhaps because of it, this is a major improvement on their previous release.

Track List:
01. Silver Fist
02. Deathstalker
03. Cobrator
04. Desperados
05. Electrifier
06. Bring It, Sugar
07. Lavender Haze Gypsy
08. We’ve Just Begun

Band Members:
Nick Adams – vocals
Randy White – lead guitar
Tommy Gun – rhythm guitar
Crippler Ramirez – bass
Toby Ventura – drums

Band Websites:
Big Cartel
DDR Music Group

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, January 2022