Cold Drop: ‘Cold Drop’

To be released on February 27, 2023 (Lions Pride Music)

Five guys from Denmark, who have spent most of their careers in various cover bands in their homeland, with the occasional short lived stint in some named L.A. bands, have united with an obvious belief in promoting their melodic rock message.

Things get off to a great start with the sleazy, stomping “Sweet Lucille” that oozes grittiness thanks in the main to the first of many fine vocal performances from Allan Groenback Pedersen and equally salacious full band back up. The slightly funky edged “All Night Baby” comes complete with a Warrant like chorus that wouldn’t have been out of place on that band’s debut album, such is its infectious quality. The mid-tempo “Don’t Wake Me Up” features fine vocal harmonizing before the outstanding ballad “Broke My Heart” contains yet another evocative vocal and yet more superb rhythm section work from John A. Bertz on bass and ex-Acacia Avenue drummer Henrik Rhode Jensen. The upbeat and firmly melodic “Looking For Love” closes the first half of the album in consummate style.

“My Precious Metal Heart” is probably the toughest sounding track on here, with sterling twin guitar work from Thomas Mueller and ex-Pretty Maids man Rik Hanson that continues throughout the pseudo Whitesnake styled “World Go Around” that I found rather forgettable, alongside the bland “Hold On” which mined a similar style but did contain yet another excellent Pedersen performance. Thankfully – for me at least – things get back on an even keel with the ballsy, jauntily rocking “Don’t Count Me Out” and concludes with the excellent hard driving “Freedom”, complete with another memorable chorus.

The production is clear and the band members are – as already stated – practically flawless throughout and there’s some outstanding vocal harmonizing that only compliments the overall prowess of singer Pedersen over the course of the whole album. To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting much when I pressed play, and Cold Drop are certainly not reinventing the wheel here; but the years of honing their craft has obviously paid off as this is – on the whole – a very solid set of melodic songs that may well sneak its way onto your regular playlist.

Track List:
01. Sweet Lucille
02. All Night Baby
03. Don’t Wake Me Up
04. Broke My Heart
05. Looking For Love
06. My Precious Metal Heart
07. That’s What Makes The World Go ‘Round
08. Hold On
09. Don’t Count Me Out
10. Freedom

Band Members:
Allan Groenbæk Pedersen – lead vocalist
Rick Hanson(Pretty Maids, Shotz) – guitar
Thomas Moeller Hansen – guitar
John A. Bertz – bass
Henrik Rohde Jensen – drums

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Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, November 2022

Cold Drop‘s “Freedom” video: