Confederacy Of Horsepower – Vagabond Cabaret

Confederacy Of Horsepower - Vagabond Cabaret
Released 2008 (PedalToTheMetal Records)

Track List:
01. Crucify Me
02. Throttlerocket
03. Once If You’re Lucky
04. Bangkok And Back
05. Mirror Mirror
06. Hellbound And Hateful
07. Devildrive
08. Cat O’ Nine
09. High Priest Of Love
10. Thunder Alley

Mr. Matthew Mayhem – vocals
G#Sharp – lead guitar
Ricky Reckless – guitar
Joe Truck – bass and vocals
David Harvey – drums

Additional Musicians:
Ricky Warwick – guitar
Dizzy Reed – keyboards
Del James – backing vocals

Recorded by Ricky Warwick.

Bands such as the Crank County Daredevils and Dirty Rig better watch out, because there is a new gunslinger in town trying to shoot their way to the top of the sleaze rock pile. This time it is California’s Confederacy Of Horsepower (great band name by the way) that is bringing their revved up rendition of Circus Of Power to the masses – and everyone better listen up!

  Vagabond Cabaret is like a funnel cloud touching down in your town, destroying everything it its path with venomous vocals, blasts of uncontrollable guitar work and a destructive 100mph bottom end. You better run for the cellar before the Confederacy Of Horsepower pummel you into submission with their 10 song debut Vagabond Cabaret.

  Don’t expect to hear a ballad, in fact don’t expect to hear anything that isn’t a full-on musical assault. The sound of air-raid sirens during the intro of the first song warn the listener to take cover, because you are about to get bombarded with unrelenting rock and roll. Picture an updated and meaner version of the aforementioned Circus Of Power and Zodiac Mindwarp (who the band pays tribute to with a cover song) and you’ll have a good idea of what you are in for.

  “Once If You’re Lucky”, “Bangkok And Back” (which mixes things up with some Dizzy Reed piano), “Mirror Mirror”, “Devildrive” and “Thunder Alley” are all killer rock songs, but the best of the bunch is “Hellbound And Hateful”. That tune is a powerful slab of rock, with a chorus that is – dare I say it – catchy! Catchy isn’t a word one should use to describe a band like this, unless of course you’re female and have caught something from them in a darkened room of a seedy club.

  The Almighty‘s Ricky Warwick has done a great job of producing on Vagabond Cabaret, managing to make the CD sound good without removing the warts and dirt. I think it is safe to say that only my death would stop Confederacy Of Horsepower from making it onto my best of 2008 list! –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, April 2008.

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