Crashdïet – The Unattractive Revolution

Crashdiet - The Unattractive Revolution


Released in 2007 (Universal)

Track List:
01. In The Raw
02. Like A Sin
03. Falling Rain
04. I Don’t Care
05. Die Another Day
06. Alone
07. Thrill Me
08. Overnight
09. XTC Overdrive
10. Bound To Be Enslaved
11. The Buried Song

Band Members:
Olliver Twisted – vocals
Martin Sweet – guitar
Peter London – bass
Eric Young – drums

Additional Musicians:
Mick Mars – guitar (4 & 6)

Produced by Patrik Frisk.
Mixed by Kevin Churko.

Probably every reader of this review knows the story of this band. A lot has been said and written about whether it is possible for Crashdïet to continue with a new singer after the death of founder Dave Lepard (R.I.P.). While some people were skeptical if these guys could manage to deliver an album close to the standard of 2005’s glorious Rest In Sleaze without their main songwriter, I was simply happy that they got through the hard times and got on with the band. Having heard some demos of Martin Sweet on a myspace-page, I had no doubt that they could manage to record an even better record than their debut.

Now that I’ve been living with the final product for some weeks, I gotta admit that I was wrong. From the very first riff of “In The Raw” it becomes clear that this album is quite a bit heavier than its predecessor. While this works very well on the already mentioned “In The Raw” or “Die Another Day”, it somehow just doesn’t work on “Thrill Me”, which lacks a strong chorus, or “Bound To Be Enslaved”, where the vocals get annoying after some time.

Okay, now so far it sounds like this is an average album, but don’t get me wrong, that’s not what I intended to say. Tracks like the anthemic “Falling Rain” or the powerful “XTC Overdrive” alone make this album a good one. Add the “Riot In Everyone”-reminiscent “Like A Sin” or the Def Leppard-esque “Overnight” and you get one of the albums of the year. But still, knowing Sweet has written over 30 songs, of which some will be used on the next Gemini Five record, I just can’t get over the feeling that The Unattractive Revolution could have been better.

After all, it’s complaining on a high level. All in all, this album is a strong statement from the band, that they won’t back down after the terrible loss and will carry on their quest of bringing sleaze back into the charts – which, by the way, they have managed to do in Sweden. –

Reviewed by Vige for Sleaze Roxx, November 2007.

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