Crazy Lixx: ‘Ruff Justice’

To be released on April 21, 2017 (Frontiers Music Srl)

Other than last year’s live issue Sound Of The Live Minority, Crazy Lixx have been issuing new studio albums every couple of years since 2007. Thanks to Sleaze Roxx, my introduction to this Swedish band was in 2010 with New Religion. I absolutely loved that album, as I did with the follow-up Riot Avenue in 2012. These guys rock the sleaze and provide that base with a new sound for this decade.

Ruff Justice continues in the same vein, but with different capabilities.  New Religion and Riot Avenue were solid records, to be sure. Ruff Justice differentiates itself by going even more ’80s based, using harmonic vocals and melodic guitar lines throughout similar to Danger Danger, or maybe Mr. Big.

I’m not going to go postal with this record, but ya, it’s pretty damn good! “Wild Child” is a solid modern sleaze track and a great opening number to the album. Geez, do you remember those yellow Sony Walkman in that video???  “XIII” is more ’80s based, with a serious power chord diminishing into a verse. Bon Jovi and Def Leppard will become a theme here. “Walk The Wire” also breaks down into subtle non-distortion verses, then breaks into a generic chorus.  On the other hand, “Shot With The Needle Of Love” is aggressive and pretty good. Song five starts out slowly despite being called “Killer.” I’m not sure about the opening, and the song itself crosses between a ballad and a hard rocker. I don’t mind it, yet it is a juxtaposition to be sure.

Wow! “Hunter Of The Heart” is a really good rock song and a blast from classic Ratt maybe. I’m loving it. Track seven “Snakes In Paradise” was done before and better by Crashdïet in 2013. It’s not a cover, but the theme itself has been explored. The acoustic sounding “If It’s Love” — I could easily pass on, but I’m not a fan of ballads to begin with. Both “Kiss Of Judas” and “Live Before I Die” are really good examples of how modern rock bands explore and interpret our beloved ’80s sound.

In August 2015, Crazy Lixx lost two guitarists, and Ruff Justice sees the debut of guitarists Chrisse Olsson and Jens Lundgren on a Crazy Lixx studio album. If you’re looking for Riot Avenue or New Religion, I’m not sure this will appease you as a full album. I loved some tracks, and was mildly amused by others. I will finish by encouraging you to investigate further as a fan of solid ’80s based music.

Track List:
01. Wild Child
02. XIII
03. Walk The Wire
04. Shot With A Needle Of Love
05. Killer
06. Hunter Of The Heart
07. Snakes In Paradise
08. If It’s Love
09. Kiss Of Judas
10. Live Before I Die

Band Members:
Danny Rexon – vocals
Joél Cirera – drums
Jens Sjöholm – bass
Chrisse Olsson – guitar
Jens Lundgren – guitar

Produced by Danny Rexon and Chris Laney

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, April 2017

Crazy Lixx‘s “Wild Child” video:

Crazy Lixx – “Wild Child” (Official Music Video)

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Crazy Lixx’s “XIII” song:

Crazy Lixx – “XIII” (Official Audio)

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