Crud – Devil At The Wheel

Crud - Devil At The Wheel

Released 2007 (Full Effect Records)

Track List:
01. Reality
02. All Used Up
03. Meat Detonation
04. Assume The Position
05. Girls That Swear
06. La De Da
07. Murder Is Fun
08. Londe Del Amore
09. Do You Wanna Touch
10. Devil At The Wheel

Vinnie Dombroski – vocals
Danielle Arsenault – vocals
David Black – guitar
Dana Forrester – bass
Eric Hoegemeyer – drums

Now I’m excited! I’m a huge fan of David Black‘s (formerly of Seduce) guitar work, so when I discovered he was the axe man in Detroit’s up and coming Crud — no reflection on the music I may add — this was a no brainer to pick up. They describe themselves as ‘super-charged sex rock with an emphasis on gritty decadence’… awesome.

  So here I am running through the check list; David Black on guitar — check. Solid frontman in Vinnie Dombroski — check. Burlesque performer/singer Danielle Arsenault — check. Adding a hot bass player (Dana Forrester) and drummer (Eric Hoegemeyer), burlesque dancers, fire eaters, snake charmers and a live puppet show and combining this with attitude, sleaze, riffs, some industrial loops, decent vocals and you have all the ingredients that make Crud! You’ll have heard some of their music if you’re a fan of TV, as their tracks have been used in ER and CSI amongst others.

  “Reality” kicks us off and is a big sleaze filled number as Black‘s guitar work just drives this along like a train. Check out the video on YouTube for this song as you won’t regret it. “All Used Up” is next and fits nicely with a fine bass line and vocals. Third is “Meat Detonation” — insert jokes here please — which, for lack of a better word, is filthy. This is the track you put on after a drink with your partner of choice and, as Vinnie screams, “C’mon lets go”. Yes please… just filthy.

  “Assume The Position” is just pure attitude, though it is pretty much filler to me. The title tells you all you need to know about “Girls That Swear”, while “La De Da” is fabulous with some more awesome Black guitar work… Vinnie ain’t bad here either. “Murder Is Fun” is full of fist-pumping, chest-thumping, head-banging, off the wall greatness. “London Del Amore” is just average for Crud, but when your average is better than most other band’s good you know it holds up well. “Do You Wanna Touch” is forgettable and the worst song on the album while the title track rounds off Devil At The Wheel with a nice finish.

  What can I say? Devil At The Wheel is worth the purchase for “Reality” and “Meat Detonation” alone, as they are both pure sleaze. Go listen and enjoy. – –

Reviewed by Chifo for Sleaze Roxx, April 2010.

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