Cry Envy – Never Say Please

Never Say Please
Released in 2006 (Cry Envy)

Track List:
01. Tell It Like It Is
02. She’s Got Me
03. Down, Down
04. Take My Heart
05. A Love To Last All Time
06. Never Say Please
07. She Leaves The Lights On
08. Turn Me On
09. Tip Of My Tongue

Band Members:
Brian Roxxy – lead vocals
Linus Oliver – guitars and background vocals
Ziggy – bass and background vocals
C.C. – drums

Additional Musicians:
Randall Justice – bass
Colin Stambusky – drums

It seems rare these days for a Sunset Strip sounding band to actually be from California. Whereas sleaze bands seem to be popping up in Sweden like pimples on a teenagers face, Cry Envy comes from the state that popularized big hair and big riffs.

After being mesmerized by the topless woman on the promo disc that the band sent, I finally decided to actually check out the music. And ya know what Cry Envy reminds me of – the Sea Hags. They have that same raw laid-back quality to them, yet you know there is something sinister going on behind the scenes.

Despite the lackluster production job, there are some cool songs on Never Say Please, my favorites being “Tell It Like It Is”, “Down, Down”, “She Leaves The Lights” and “Tip Of My Tongue”. “Never Say Please” is the best of the bunch, it is driven by a strong beat and simple yet effective guitar work. There really isn’t a bad track here, but there are few that completely stand out either. Cry Envy has some work to do, but I think they can turn themselves into a well-oiled machine in due time.

The only real problem I have with Cry Envy is that they pick a certain groove and rarely mix things up, the majority of songs are all delivered with the same speed and feel. With a bit more experience they can fix that, but for now the guys have done a pretty good job. Maybe rock isn’t dead in America after all! –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, November 2006.

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