Crystal Roxx – Pass The Buck

Pass The Buck
Released 1992 (JRS)

Track List:
01. Big City
02. Hollywood
03. Does It Matter
04. Get Up Get Out
05. Violet Eyes
06. On My Way
07. Be Mine To Satisfy
08. For You
09. Runaway
10. Stay With Me

Richie Angelucci – vocals
Vinnie Martello – guitar and background vocals
Jimmy Kaye – bass
Anthony Baker – drums, percussion and background vocals
Brian Delaney – keyboards, piano and background vocals

Produced by Lenny Macaluso and Crystal Roxx.

Pass The Buck really shows this quintet’s talent! It is chock-full of rockers and ballads both. Songs like “Violet Eyes” and “Stay With Me” show their sensitive side, while “Hollywood”, “Get Up Get Out” and “Runaway” really rock out.

  This album has catchy lyrics, good melodies and tight musicianship. Unfortunately, it came out the same time alternative/grunge did and didn’t stand a chance of success. I feel Crystal Roxx should have made it, and I give the album two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, January 2003.

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