Damaged Dolls – Damaged Dolls

Damaged Dolls - Damaged Dolls
Released 2008 (Damaged Dolls)

Track List:
01. Kill Me For Fun
02. Bad Boy Gigolo
03. Right Between Your Eyes

Holm – vocals
Linkan – guitar
Jake – bass
Lukas – drums

Produced by Damaged Dolls and Martin Hall.

The Swedish scene for bands that adopt the 80’s sleaze look and play an updated sound of the same style is thriving. You could almost say that there is a new band born each week. Damaged Dolls are one of these bands.

  To stand out from the crowd the only thing that counts are strong songs, and I gotta say these guys have the feel for melodies which grab your attention. The three songs presented on their new demo sound a lot like Crashdiet, although not (yet?) reaching the same songwriting-level.

  The singer at times has the exact same raspy voice as Quiet Riot‘s Kevin DuBrow (R.I.P.), which to my ears is a definite plus. Unfortunately I just saw on their webpage that vocalist Holm has left the band and that they are now looking for a new singer! While “Kill Me For Fun” and “Right Between The Eyes” tend to hit more into the aggressive vein, “Bad Boy Gigolo” is a fun party-anthem and for me the best of the presented songs.

  Well what can I say, what we’ve got here is another very promising Swedish sleaze-band, of which we’re hopefully going to hear a lot more. This EP makes me wonder what these guys can deliver with a better-sounding production and a full-length record. Damaged Dolls are definitely worth checking out and you can download this EP at their website!

  www.damageddolls.se – www.myspace.com/damageddolls

Reviewed by Vige for Sleaze Roxx, May 2008.

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