Danger Danger – Revolve

Danger Danger - Revolve

Released on September 18, 2009 (Frontiers Records)

Track List:
01. That’s What I’m Talking About
02. Ghost Of Love
03. Killin’ Love
04. Hearts On The Highway
05. Fugitive
06. Keep On Keepin’ On
07. Rocket To Your Heart
08. F.U.$
09. Beautiful Regret
10. Never Give Up
11. Dirty Mind

Band Members:
Ted Poley – vocals
Rob Marcello – guitar
Bruno Ravel – bass
Steve West – drums

Produced and mixed by Bruno Ravel.

Finally, after several months, word of mouth rumors, and actual studio time well spent, Danger Danger releases Revolve, their new full-length effort featuring almost all of the original line-up. The most notorious absence being that of Andy Timmons on lead guitar, but Rob Marcello is now in charge of that duty and what a job he did!

With Revolve Danger Danger not only delivers eleven new tracks, but eleven tracks with that sleazy hard rock party style we all love and long for. The disc kicks off with maybe the three strongest tracks; “That’s What I’m Talking About”, “Ghost Of Love” and my personal favorite “Killing Love”. Here’s where Ted Poley‘s vocals really shine. Things just keep getting better with songs such as “Hearts On The Highway”, the uplifting “Keep On Keepin’ On”, and the cool “Rocket To Your Heart”. Another favorite of mine, “Beautiful Regret”, finds the band heading on a faster pace. The only track which really does not do anything for me is “Fugitive”, but other than that, I can safely say that Danger Danger is back with a very good CD, one that thousands of fans, including myself, were waiting for.

Even though Revolve is not filled with songs with sexual innuendo, Danger Danger manages to deliver a CD full of melodic hard rock anthems which will please all those old timers who craved for more from Ted Poley and Co. I still think that if Danger Danger had decided to tinge their lyrics with more sexual references, they would have done a hell of a job because that’s what our rock n roll is all about right? Having Fun!

www.dangerdanger.com – www.myspace.com/dangerdanger – www.frontiers.it

Reviewed by Maulars for Sleaze Roxx, September 2009.

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