Dangerous Curves: ‘So Dirty Right’

Released on April 6, 2018 (Dangerous Curves)

What a difference two years makes! After releasing their debut self-titled EP two years ago which contained five pretty good but not that memorable tracks, Dangerous Curves have come back with a very good and way more mature effort titled So Dirty Right. Gone are the speedier and too busy tracks and in are some grooving tracks highlighted by what could well be a hit single! A hit single you may ask? Yes, you’re reading this right. Had Dangerous Curves released their So Dirty Right album back in the late ’80s, I am convinced that their acoustic gem “I Need Lovin'” complete with some female background vocals and a real good time feel would be a bonafide hit for the band. The song stands head above shoulders over the rest of the tracks on So Dirty Right and it’s not because the rest of the songs are bad in any way, it’s just because “I Need Lovin'” is so damn good, catchy and infectious. Hopefully the song will get the video treatment very soon because it really deserves it and you, the reader, need to hear it!

As previously mentioned, there’s a real groove to many of the tracks on So Dirty Right but at a breathable and measured pace. “Art Of The Heart” is a good example with the band slowing things down so you can appreciate every guitar riff, melody and vocal while providing some memorable and catchy melodies. I love how Dangerous Curves seem to have stepped up their game on So Dirty Right. There’s lots of background vocals to compliment singer Kym Britten‘s lead vocals and provide many sing along opportunities on most tracks. Guitarist Cammy Paul‘s solos are more measured and you can hear every note rather than on the debut self-titled EP where there seemed to be a bit too much self-indulgent and speedier shredding at the wrong times. More groove type tracks are “Club Mile High” and “Funky Bonez” which seem tailor made to be played live. Although I like all the songs on So Dirty Right, it feels like the first six songs are superior groove and melodies wise compared to the last four. In particular, the ballad “Forbidden Love” simply pales in comparison to the made to be a hit song “I Need Lovin’.”

I can’t say enough how surprised I am with Dangerous Curves‘ sophomore effort. It’s just so much better than the first EP. I even revisited the debut EP to see if I might have been wrong with my initial assessment from two years ago (I stand by what I initially wrote) and to compare it to So Dirty Right. As it turns out, there is no comparison. So Dirty Right is just a much better, more mature and stronger record with better production, superior songs and finally some memorable melodies. It feels like Dangerous Curves have definitely elevated their game with So Dirty Right to the point that they can now be considered among the sleaze rock elite.

Track List:
01. Sensationable Submit
02. Art Of The Heart
03. Club Mile High
04. Funky Bonez
05. I Need Lovin’
06. So Dirty Right
07. Ready Or Not
08. See You Again
09. Forbidden Love
10. Locked Down

Band Members:
Kym Britten – lead vocals
Cammy Paul – guitars, vocals
Ziggy Robertson – bass, vocals
Luke Chapman – drums

Additional Musicians:
Cassandra Vlahos – additional vocals, percussion
Chris Themelco – guest guitar solo (10)

Produced and mixed by Chris Themelco
Mastered by Tom Beard and “Jack The Bear”

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, June 2018

Dangerous Curves‘ “Art Of The Heart” video:

Dangerous Curves -Art of the Heart OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Art Of The Heart is the first single taken from the album “So Dirty Right” released on April 6th 2018 .SOCIALS & MERCH: https://linktr.ee/dangerouscurvesVide…

Dangerous Curves‘ “So Dirty Right” lyric video:

Dangerous Curves – So Dirty Right [Lyric Video]

Title track from the debut album “So Dirty Right” released on April the 6th 2018 .SOCIALS & MERCH: https://linktr.ee/dangerouscurves

Dangerous Curves‘ “Club Mile High” song:

Dangerous Curves – Club Mile High (Official Audio)

Art Of The Heart is the first single taken from the album “So Dirty Right” released April 6th 2018SOCIALS & MERCH: https://linktr.ee/dangerouscurves———…