Danielle Bloom – Meet Me In The Middle

Danielle Bloom - Meet Me In The Middle

Released December 8, 2010 (Danielle Bloom)

Track List:
01. I Give Up
02. Tell Me Why
03. You
04. Believe
05. Revolution
06. Meet Me In The Middle
07. Chain Me
08. I Don’t Care
09. Another Night
10. BlackWhite

Danielle Bloom – vocals
Shane Lamb – guitar
Tommy MacDonald – bass
Daniel Douchett – drums

Additional Musicians:
John Lancaster – Hammond M3, piano, and synth
Casey Wood – percussion
Max Abrams – saxophone
Travis Thibodaux – backing vocals

Produced by Casey Wood.

Now here’s an interesting album for your listening pleasure. Meet Me In The Middle is the debut album from Danielle Bloom, and there are a couple of things that jump right out — first, it’s highly polished for a debut album, mind you having gone through a mastering at Nashville it’s going to be shiny, and secondly, Danielle Bloom‘s voice is utterly fantastic. Trust me on this — it will conjure all sorts of comparisons and thoughts to some really fantastic female vocalists. The style of Meet Me In The Middle is straight-up good rock ‘n’ roll with some blended organ work held together with riffs, solos and Danielle‘s voice — so we end up with some good, dirty at times, sounding numbers.

  “I Give Up” starts us off with a nice introduction into the style of writing across the album — it’s a solid number with some excellent vocals. “Tell Me Why?” is a very up-tempo track with good energy that you just have to tap your foot along to, the guitar work is a joy to listen to as it just fits perfectly. Third up is “You”, a solid and thoughtful number with some great vocals and a good solo. “Believe” follows this and is a haunting ballad with some of the best vocals I’ve heard in a long, long time — it’s an absolutely stunning song, and I couldn’t recommend this one enough.

  “Revolution” is well placed to lift the listener back up — listen to it a few times and you can hear that there is some serious lyrical content embedded within. “Meet Me In The Middle” is another solid head-nodder that just flows along while “Chain Me”, another good song, starts off slower and picks up as it moves along, especially during the last third of the track. “I Don’t Care” comes across as a personal statement from Danielle Bloom as it’s a different style to the rest of the album but a real feel-good number. Second from last is “Another Night”, a slower ballad that is in sharp contrast to the track before, and finally “BlackWhite” finishes off the album with another strong track with a catchy riff with a strong lyrical content topped off with more superb vocals.

  You know what? Meet Me In The Middle is good. The album is strong thanks to Danielle Bloom‘s vocals and the riffs are all there. Critique wise from me would be less organ and more guitar — rough it up a bit, lose some of the polish and let it sound dirty! In the meantime, enjoy a fine debut album from this Tennessee born preacher’s daughter.


Reviewed by Chifo for Sleaze Roxx, March 2012

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