Danko Jones: ‘Power Trio’

To be released on August 27, 2021 (SPV)

I must admit that I have always been in the “take them or leave them” camp when it comes to Danko Jones but, after nearly a quarter of a century of high profile “special guest” tours and nine previous releases, there is obviously no doubting his longevity or fan support.

Tenth album Power Trio simply and perfectly describes the band and opens with the barnstorming rocker “I Want Out” which immediately grabs your attention and sets the bar high for the ten subsequent tracks to follow.  “Good Lookin’” has a seemingly slightly strained vocal from Mr. Jones but with a very catchy chorus and more than a little soulful strut to it; as does the anthemic  “Saturday”  which is full of good time, feel-good attitude that makes it a fine accompaniment to getting ready for the big night out. The hard rocking “Ship of Lies” is very pointed lyrically, given the current world situation, and leads neatly into the very Nickelback-like “Raise Some Hell” which even namechecks that band during its fist-pumping duration.

“Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit” begins the second half of this album and is really the first disappointment for me in that it has that Extreme funk metal approach that I always find lumpen and tedious. Personal taste of course, as there is certainly nothing wrong with the execution of the song, but the similar feel continues for the rockier “Get To You” which at least has another insistently familiar sounding chorus.

Thankfully, we’re back in full throttle rock mode for “Dangerous Kiss” which features more ultra-fine work from bass slinger JC and drummer Rich Knox alongside another swaggering vocal from Danko himself. The Hinder-like “Let’s Rock Together” then segues neatly into the balls out rocker “Flaunt It” before ironic album closer “Start The Show.” This track owes more than a little inspirational nod to Cheap Trick’s “Hello There” in both substance and style, and will probably become as much of a live staple too – and deservedly so.

The production is clear, the band is very tight indeed and Danko himself hasn’t sounded this good in quite a few years, in my opinion. The bottom line is if you’re already a fan of the band, then you will no doubt love this anyway, but if you’re not, then this album might just convince you to become one because there is much to admire.

Track List:
01. I Want Out
02. Good Lookin’
03. Saturday
04. Ship of Lies
05. Raise Some Hell
06. Blue Jean Denim Jumpsuit
07. Get To You
08. Dangerous Kiss
09. Let’s Rock Together
10. Flaunt It
11. Start The Show (feat. Phil Campbell)

Band Members:
Danko Jones – guitars, vocals
JC  – bass
Rich Knox –  drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, July 2021

Danko Jones‘ “Saturday” video:

Danko Jones‘ “Flaunt It” lyric video: