Daylight Robbery – Cross Your Heart

Daylight Robbery - Cross Your Heart

Released November 11, 2011 (Daylight Robbery)

Track List:
01. Cross Your Heart
02. Shame On You
03. The Perfect Storm
04. While You Were Sleeping
05. Crossing The Great Divide
06. Real Love Is The Answer
07. Reunite
08. She’s Got Me Understood
09. 1,000 Points Of Light
10. In The Line Of Fire

Tony Nicholl – vocals and guitar
Mark Carleton – guitar and backing vocals
Colin Murdoch – bass and backing vocals
Ben Dixon – drums
Duncan Cook – keyboards

If you’re not a fan of Europe‘s keyboard infused rock sound you might want to avoid Daylight Robbery‘s debut album Cross Your Heart — but if you’re willing to give it a shot then you won’t be disappointed with these UK newcomers.

  The vocals, supplied by Tony Nichol, are strong and confident on the opener “Cross Your Heart”, with a heavy enough riff to counteract the melodic touch of the keyboards. The melodies are catchy throughout, although dragged out to fit the lengthier tracks on the album, and some of the harmonies have a tendency to clash, especially on “The Perfect Storm”. Even the lyrically sad “While You Were Sleeping” manages to be upbeat and light-hearted, and this seems to be band’s whole demeanor on Cross Your Heart. The eight-minute marathon “Crossing The Great Divide” has possibly the best solo on the album, although the rest of the track is less enticing, for obvious reasons.

  “Real Love Is The Answer” has a groovy, bluesy bass line and pulls you in all kinds of directions with layered backing vocals, a rhythmic melody and a smooth chorus. It opens the second half of the album which really improves upon the first — the harmonized backing vocals fit together well and the rhythms are toe-tapping and infectious. The synthesized tone is still prominent, but you start to forget about it when the guitars come into their own a little more on “She’s Got Me Understood”. I personally thought “In The Line Of Fire” was a weak track to end on — although it is more hard rock in style, it doesn’t suit the band so well.

  For fans of Bulletrain with something more melodic, Daylight Robbery have created an interesting and original debut album. And for those aforementioned who do hate the cheesy keyboards, you just might be able to handle Cross Your Heart thanks to the second half.

Reviewed by JJ Lee for Sleaze Roxx, April 2012

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