Devil’s Shepherd: ‘Devil’s Shepherd’

Released on January 14, 2017 (Independent)

The album cover and band name both looked so promising but as soon as I pushed “play” to listen to Devil’s Shepherd‘s self-titled EP and heard the opening guitar riff, I thought that it might be tough getting through the entire EP. My hunch was right as my first listen of Devil’s Shepherd reminded me of grunge type music. After reading the group’s press release that accompanied the EP, I realized that the music is actually dubbed “stoner rock” which let’s face it doesn’t getting that much coverage on Sleaze Roxx. Accordingly, Devil’s Shepherd should not be surprised to get a negative review for their EP.

What surprises me the most about the Devil’s Shepherd EP is that the band has three of its four songs (or at least promos of those songs) on YouTube yet the best track “Crying Pride” is the one that the group omitted to make available via YouTube. Perhaps the funniest or most disappointing — depending on how you look at it — is that although you might think that Devil’s Shepherd have made three of their songs available on YouTube, two of them (“Flatliner” and “The Wrath Of Jim Jones”) are simply promos with what I can only describe as an attempt by the band to provide some comic relief. Check it out for yourself, Clearly, Devil’s Shepherd do not want to be taken seriously from those promo videos…

“Crying Pride” is definitely a slow plodder but the only one with any sort of catchy bridge and chorus to offer. That makes it the only song that I am really even remotely interested in hearing from the Devil’s Shepherd EP. The rest of the tracks really aren’t my cup of tea. “Suck My Colt,” “Flatliner” and “The Wrath Of Jim Jones” represent to me — rightly or wrongly — the type of depressing music that buried hair metal in the early ’90s and I never got into grunge music aside from buying one or two albums from the “bigger” bands such as Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. Accordingly, Devil’s Shepherd is neither an album that I can recommend, nor one that I want to revisit anytime in the future.

Track List:
01. Suck My Colt
02. Flatliner
03. Crying Pride
04. The Wrath Of Jim Jones

Band Members:
Fabian Benner – main vocals
Jonny Metz – vocals, guitar
Billy Broschkus – guitar
Marco Lieblang – bass
Steven Broschkus – drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Thilo “T-Low” Krieger

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, January 2017

Devil’s Shepherd‘s “Suck My Colt” song:

Devil’s Shepherd – Suck my Colt Teaser

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Devil’s Shepherd‘s “Flatliner” song promo:

Devil’s Shepherd – Flatliner Promo

Uploaded by Devil’s Shepherd on 2016-11-28.

Devil’s Shepherd‘s “The Wrath Of Jim Jones” promo video:

Devil’s Shepherd – Wrath of Jim Jones Promo

Uploaded by Devil’s Shepherd on 2016-12-04.