Dirty Age – Plug In

Dirty Age - Plug In

Released October 19, 2012 (7Hard Records)

Track List:
01. Walk It Like You Talk It
02. Burning Heels
03. Dynamite Man
04. Unleash The Demon
05. Rock’n Roll Rebel
06. Cold As Ice
07. Desperado
08. Don’t Mess With The Boogie Man
09. Hard Rock Rush
10. Stay Hot
11. Way Of Rock’n Roll
12. Welcome To The Show

Danly Freund – vocals
Christian Geng – guitar
Jonas Schick – guitar
Luca Maiorino – bass
David Brossner – drums

German metal and hard rock has harbored a fine tradition of bands throughout the history of the genre — Warlock, Scorpions, Kingdom Come, Bonfire and Helloween to name just a few. I’ve enjoyed many an hour with all of these great bands and even more so because I always felt that there was something reassuringly ‘German’ in their sound whether it was an awkward turn of phrase or a slight mispronunciation betraying a hint of an accent. Apart from Scorpions perhaps, when you reconsider the heritage, it’s often easy to trace a direct line to the bands that have gone before. For Helloween it was Iron Maiden, Kingdom Come unashamedly followed in Led Zeppelin‘s wake (and did a very good job of it too) whilst the likes of Bonfire sparked off the Bon Jovi era with big choruses, cowboy boots and shaggy perms all around.

  Dirty Age are of a similar ilk and Plug In sounds like an AC/DC tribute band. A tight rhythm section in Luca Maiorino (bass) and David Brossner (drums) underpins the sharp riffs, toe tappin’ boogie and spaced-out power chords of Jonas Schick and newest member Christian Geng. It’s all fronted by Danly Freund and his dirty throat full of nails ‘n’ razor blades.

  Plug In is all enormous fun of course with its company of Demons, Desperados on Highways To Hell, Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebels, and even a Boogie Man. The trouble is that you begin to start searching for the tongue-in-cheek or the wink and the nudge that AC/DC do so well. Check out “Cold As Ice” — here we hear Freund in seduction mode, ‘Turn on the engine/Turn off the light/Let’s get to the action baby/I’ll do you twice/Say hello to my big boy/He never sleeps’… sorry Danly, but I think you can probably get some cream for that. Despite the title, “Way Of Rock’n Roll” is the highlight for me with a narrative vocal that offers a welcome departure from the tried and tested themes of, well, you know…

  While not very original, Dirty Age succeed by recreating the energy and straight-forward rock sounds of bands such as Rose Tattoo, Airbourne and the aforementioned AC/DC.


Reviewed by Mark Redmayne for Sleaze Roxx, February 2013

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