Dirty Glory: ‘Mind The Gap’

Dirty Glory CD coverDIRTY GLORY
Released on November 6, 2015 (Dirty Glory)

My theory is that the UK and the USA produced a large amount, if not most, of the hard rock and heavy metal groups from the ’70s and ’80s but it will be other countries such as Sweden and now Finland, Italy, Brazil and even Hungary who might not have been initially known for producing great hard rock and heavy metal groups and from where most of the new acts that will breakthrough will be emanating from. Whether I am right or wrong with my analysis is probably irrelevant but there are certainly a lot of great new bands that seem to be coming out of different countries these days!

Dirty Glory emanate from Brazil and will take you back to the hooks and melodies of the ’80s hair metal era while adding their own modern touches here and there such as on the song “Mr. Jack.” It’s kind of a shame that Dirty Glory were not around back in the ’80s because they would have probably fit right in and experienced some success during that glory period. Aside from the ballads “Beyond Time” and “The Sentence” that I am not crazy of and find on the dull side, the rest of the songs on Mind The Gap are entertaining, sometimes quite catchy and a trip down memory lane for a good portion of them. There are a couple of tracks that always seem to standout when I am listening to Mind The Gap and they are “20 Years Of Moving Out” and “Fire.” Each track has a really catchy chorus with nice melodies that make them easy to remember. I am a bit puzzled by the songs that the group chose for their videos given that the two catchiest tracks have been bypassed for two of the weakest tracks on the album — namely “Mr. Jack” and the ballad “Every Time I Think About You.”

Although I have listened to Mind The Gap numerous times and enjoy most of the songs, something seems to be missing for me each time I listen to the album. I think it’s because I feel that the songs aren’t that original and I have heard them before somewhere at some point in the past. Nevertheless, if you like ’80s glam and sleaze metal, checking out Dirty Glory is a worthwhile endeavour.

Track List:
01. Sticks And Stones
02. Failing The Test
03. 20 Years Of Moving On
04. Beyond Time
05. Black Lightning
06. Fire
07. Damn The Human Race
08. Every Time I Think About You
09. What’s Her Name Again?
10. Mr. Jack
11. Modern Gods
12. The Sentence

Band Members:
Jimmi DG – vocals, harmonica, piano
Dee Machado – guitar, background vocals
Sas – drums, percussion
Reichhardt – guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals
Vikki Sparkz – bass, background vocals

Executive production by Jimmi DG
Music production by Luis Lopes and Jimmi DG
Recorded, engineered and mixed by Luis Lopes
Edited by Gabriel Bueno and Chris Miyai
Mastered by Levi Seitz 

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, January 2016

Dirty Glory – Sticks And Stones (Official Video)

From the album Mind The Gap, released in November 6th, 2015. ***STICKS AND STONES***_________________________________________________Direction and Fotography…

Dirty Glory – Mr. Jack (Official Video)

Director – Michel Souza (@michsouza)Editor – Marco PizzaPhotography – Michel SouzaImages – Michel Souza, Marco Pizza, Jorge MalufCostume Design – Fabio Kawal…

Dirty Glory – Every Time I Think About You (Official Video)

Director – Michel Souza (@michsouza)Edition – Submundo FilmesPhotography – Submundo FilmesLight Assistants – Vinicius Vitecosqui, Guilherme MartinsMak Up – N…