Dirty Penny – Take It Sleezy

Dirty Penny - Take It Sleezy
Released 2007 (Dirty Penny Music)

Track List:
01. Midnight Ride
02. Hot & Heavy
03. Push Comes To Shove
04. Runnin’ Wild
05. Sleeze Disease
06. Take A Bite
07. Black N’ Blue
08. Scream & Shout
09. Vendetta
10. No. I
11. Rock
12. Sleeze Disease (Acoustic)

Binge Daniels – vocals
Jonny Prynce – guitar
Tyno Vincent – bass
Spanky Savage – drums

Produced, mixed and engineered by Johnny Lima.

With all of the great sleaze rock coming out of Sweden, one could be forgiven for thinking Dirty Penny were the latest in the Swedish sleaze invasion line. But they are in fact American and it’s refreshing to see something new and sleazy coming out of the US. These guys, formerly known as Antidote, started out as a Poison cover band, but that is where the Poison comparisons end. They sound a lot like Crashdiet, except they have a rawer, dirtier sound – but the similarities are undeniable. They also remind me, to a lesser extent, of Loud’n’Nasty.

  Some of the great songs on this disc are “Midnight Ride”, “Scream & Shout” and the band’s ‘calling card’, “Vendetta”, all with loud guitars, huge drums, catchy choruses and big backing vocals. In fact the backing vocals deserve a special mention, they are killer on Take It Sleezy. Binge Daniels‘ vocals fit the music like a glove and the backing vocals in turn compliment his voice perfectly. These guys can really sing.

  Not being a big fan of acoustic or ‘unplugged’ versions of songs that were originally ‘rocky’, the surprise for me was the acoustic rendition of “Sleeze Disease”. It is a fantastic and stunning song to end a consistent, solid CD with.

  This is a perfect slab of sleaze rock. If you like to take your music sleazy, save your pennies and buy this CD. Dirty Penny doesn’t tease, they put out, and you’ll thank them in the morning. I feel totally satisfied.

  www.dirtypennysucks.com – www.myspace.com/dirtypennysucks – cdbaby.com (to purchase)

Reviewed by Tania for Sleaze Roxx, August 2007.

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