Dirty Penny – Young & Reckless

Dirty Penny - Young & Reckless

Released September 17, 2009 (Dirty Penny)

Track List:
01. If I Were You I’d Hate Me Too
02. In Luv with Insanity
03. LCS
04. On My Sleeve
05. Goin’ Out In Style
06. Stand On My Own
07. Sleeping Dogs
08. Devil In Me
09. Dead At 16
10. Livin’ Rock
11. Run To You
12. Crash & Burn
13. Wrecking Ball

Binge Daniels – vocals
Johnny Prynce – guitars
Tyno Vincent – bass
Spanky Savage – drums

Produced by Johnny Lima.

One of my favorite sleaze rock bands, California’s Dirty Penny, delivered what I considered one of the top CDs of 2007 in Take It Sleezy. The band have an image that looks like they could have walked straight off the 80s era Sunset Strip, with big hair and lots of eyeliner. But they don’t just look the part, they sound it as well. So I’ve been looking forward to hearing something new from the boys and here it is in their follow up release Young & Reckless.

  The production doesn’t seem as polished this time around, as things are more raw and meaty which actually suits these new songs well. From the party anthem sing-along number “Wrecking Ball”, to the slightly darker “Dead At 16”, to the ‘at home in a seedy strip-joint’ sounding “Sleeping Dogs”, and the stand out “Stand On My Own”, fans of Dirty Penny should feel right at home with Young & Reckless.

  After a couple of years Dirty Penny haven’t changed their style a lot, which is a good thing, although these songs have a bit more grit and some come across slightly heavier. I’m no expert on drumming, but Spanky Savage has really come into his own and is a lot more noticeable on this disc, his execution reminds me of the British band Kid Ego. Add that with the usual big backing vocals and feisty delivery from lead singer Binge Daniels and Dirty Penny – with obvious chemistry – come across as an even tighter knit unit than before.

  Dirty Penny have pretty much stuck with the same formula as displayed on the debut CD and have stayed consistent, so there are no real surprises here, but it’s all good.

  It’s thanks to bands like this that there is still hope for this genre of music to make an impact in this century and stay there. Once again Dirty Penny have unleashed a killer slab of sleaze rock reminiscent of early Motley Crue and stamped with the originality of the Dirty Penny touch. Long may they keep doing it.

  www.dirtypennysucks.com – www.myspace.com/dirtypennysucks

Reviewed by Tania for Sleaze Roxx, September 2009.

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