Dokken – From Conception Live 1981

Dokken - From Conception Live 1981
Released on March 13, 2007 (Rhino)

Track List:
01. Paris
02. Goin Down
03. In The Middle
04. Young Girls
05. Hit And Run
06. Night Rider
07. GTR Solo
08. Live To Rock
09. Breakin The Chains
10. Liar

Band Members:
Don Dokken – lead vocals and guitar
George Lynch – lead guitar
Jeff Pilson – bass and vocals
Mick Brown – drums

I’m not convinced that the world needs yet another Dokken live album, but at least this one offers up something a little different. This recording displays Dokken at a time when they were still hungry for an American record deal and at a time when the classic line-up had finally solidified. The most surprising element of From Conception Live 1981 is how professional the group sounded at such a young age, they obviously possessed the sound that would make them famous right from the start.

The majority of songs represented here are found on the Breaking The Chains album, including staples such as “Paris is Burning” and “Breakin The Chains” itself. Also included is three never before released songs, “Goin Down”, “Hit And Run” and “Liar”, all of which were good enough to make it onto an album before now. Classics such as “Breaking The Chains” sound as good here as they did on any studio album.

For only being together a short time the band is really tight and hungry. George Lynch displays his lightning fast technique every chance he gets, and new-comer to the band (in 1981 at least) Jeff Pilson fits right in. Don Dokken himself misses a few of the high notes, but as a whole he is dead on.

As far as live albums go, From Conception is a good one. It not only sounds great and includes rare tracks, but also demonstrates a band that was just finding their footing in the world of hard rock. This may also have been one of the few times in their history in which the band members actually got along!

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, March 2007.

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