Dominoe – Naked But Dressed

Dominoe - Naked But Dressed

Released August 16, 2012 (Command Records/Yesterrock)

Track List:
01. What Happens
02. It’s Fine For Me
03. Naked
04. Comin’ Home
05. It’s Alright
06. Don’t Throw Our Love Away
07. Good Way Down
08. Love Is The Answer
09. My Girl
10. All The Sins Are Dying
11. No Dude
12. You And Me
13. Take Me As I Am
14. One More Sugar
15. Here I Am
16. Let’s Talk About Life
17. Naked (radio mix)

Jorg Sieber – vocals
Robert Papst – guitar and bass

Additional Musicians:
Larry Hoppen – vocals
Jimi Jamison – vocals
Jimmy Hall – vocals
Janina Dietz – vocals and backing vocals
John ‘Rhino’ Edwards – bass
Timo Kresslein – bass
Charlie Morgan – drums and percussion
Chris ‘Bina’ Birawsky – drums and percussion
Eddie Daum – keyboards
Ivo Peitzner – piano

Cashing in at seventeen tracks (14 plus 3 bonus including an update on 1988’s smash “Here I Am”), Dominoe‘s fifth full-length album Naked But Dressed has just been the perfect sunshine soundtrack to my summer.

  Dominoe are Robert Papst (guitars) and Jorg Sieber (vocals), and the two are joined this time by guests such as bassist John ‘Rhino’ Edwards (Status Quo) and drummer Charlie Morgan (Elton John). The German duo sweeten the mix with a number of vocal cameos from Larry Hoppen (Orleans), Jimmie Hall (Wet Willie) and Jimi Jamison (Survivor). The amazing Janina Dietz (lead singer of Janina And The Deeds) adds a dash of the femme fatale on a number of tracks and despite my aversion to duets (Meat Loaf being the only exception), I find myself wanting more.

  I find it hard to put into words how gifted Dominoe are when it comes to knockin’ out a tune. There are more hooks on this record than you might care to find clingin’ to your boots at a fisherman’s ball. “What Happens” is an instant up-tempo cheesy smash-and-grab before the seductive dirtier riff of “It’s Fine For Me” paves the way for the instantly adorable “Naked” — a track that should be blasted out of every radio station on every road trip around the globe. The mid-tempo “Don’t Throw Our Love Away” brings Del Amitri to mind whilst “Good Way Down” and “My Girl” have a Rolling Stones/Aerosmith vibe with bluesy intros, bottle neck solos, parpin’ harps and rag time pianos.

  “Love Is The Answer” is a real highlight if, like me, you enjoy your ballads earthy with a little acoustic guitar here and there and a good old heart tuggin’ solo. “One Last Sugar” is about as heavy as Dominoe gets, and by the time the final cut arrives it’s as if they’ve been saving themselves for the big push. The amazing Janina Dietz adds a final touch of rock chick drama and you just never want it all to end. Would you care to see the desert menu sir? An encore of bonus tracks serve to warm the embers and Naked but Dressed finally takes its leave with a ‘Radio Mix’ of “Naked”. Thanks guys but I’ll have the earlier one if that’s ok with you — it’s got an extra chorus.

  Naked But Dressed comes with a health warning — get naked, listen and love.

Reviewed by Mark Redmayne for Sleaze Roxx, September 2012

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