Don Dokken – Up From The Ashes

Up From The Ashes
Released 1990 (Geffen)
Billboard Chart Position #50

Track List:
01. Crash ‘N Burn
02. 1000 Miles Away
03. When Some Nights
04. Forever
05. Living A Lie
06. When Love Finds A Fool
07. Give It Up
08. Mirror Mirror
09. Stay
10. Down In Flames
11. The Hunger

Band Members:
Don Dokken – vocals and guitar
John Norum – guitar and vocals
Billy White – guitar
Peter Baltes – bass and vocals
Mikkey Dee – drums and percussion

Additional Musicians:
Ken Mary – drums and backing vocals
Kelly Hansen – backing vocals

Produced by Don Dokken and Wyn Davis.

One of my favorite singers, Don Dokken came out with this solo album while Dokken was on hiatus. “Crash ‘N Burn”, “Living A Lie” and “Mirror Mirror” (the debut single that received limited airplay) really rock hard. “When Love Finds A Fool” and “Stay” (which was co-written by Mick Brown and originally supposed to be a Dokken song) show his emotional side.

Don had some very seasoned players on this album, as they had spent time in bands such as Accept, King Diamond and Europe. In fact at times it is John Norum‘s guitar playing that upstages the vocalist himself. The music on Up From The Ashes is an extension of Don‘s work with Dokken as he shares his emotions with us very well. I felt this album was very good and it gets two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, April 2004.

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