Doro – Fear No Evil

Doro - Fear No Evil

Released in 2009 (AFM Records)

Track List:
01. Night Of The Warlock
02. Running From The Devil
03. Celebrate
04. Caught In A Battle
05. Herzblut
06. On The Run
07. Walking With The Angels
08. I Lay My Head Upon My Sword
09. It Kills Me
10. Long Lost For Love
11. 25 Years
12. Wildfire
13. You Won My Love
14. Herzblut (video)

Band Members:
Doro Pesch – vocals
Joe Taylor – guitar
Oliver Palotai – guitar and keyboards
Nick Douglas – bass
Johnny Dee – drums

Additional Musicians:
Biff Byford – backup vocals
Girlschool – backup vocals
Angela Gossow – backup vocals
Floor Jansen – backup vocals
Veronica Freeman – backup vocals
Liv Kristine – backup vocals

Slowly but surely Doro has been getting her second wind and delivering better and better albums with each release. After creating a few momentum busters throughout the years like Machine II Machine, Call Of The Wild and a number of compilations, the latter part of this decade has proven that she has a lot of creative fuel left in the tank. Doro has issued two of her strongest albums to date in Warrior Soul and now with the follow-up Fear No Evil.

Fear No Evil just might be the best album that Doro has released since going solo, I think that highly of this CD. If you’re looking for a balanced classic rock and metal attack you’ll find it here. There are no modern elements on this album aside from the bombastic sound and contemporary equipment used to capture the magnetic queen of metal laying down the most brilliant anthemic material she’s written this decade. The guitar work on Fear No Evil is a complete throwback to an era where guitar hero wasn’t the title of a video game, it was an essential component in rock and heavy metal.

Doro could have called this release ‘The Best Of Rocks and Ballads’, because it is. The standouts cuts are the opener “Night Of The Warlock”, “Running From The Devil”, a duet with Tarja Turunen called “Walking With The Angels” and “Celebrate” which contains a who’s who of female hard rock and metal singers with Saxon‘s Biff Byford coming along for the ride. – –

Reviewed by Ruben Mosqueda for Sleaze Roxx, June 2009.

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