Durty Triix: ‘Crackin Skulls And Crushin’ Bones’

Released on October 7, 2022 (Mazz-XT)

Sydney based Rags ‘N’ Riches founder Scotty Ginn has written, produced and recorded his latest collection under the Durty Triix guise and on his own label, Mazz-XT, and things kick off in lively fashion with “Living In Danger” which had – for me at least – essences of Judas Priest circa British Steel era. The stomping title track has a rather more obvious (AC/DC) Aussie band feel to it, before the neat funky groove of “Miss Kitty’s Bar” weaves a salacious storyline over a fine, late night bar room vibe. “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” wasn’t the expected ballad but a flat out, radio friendly Danger Danger-styled slice of pop metal that should rightly ensure many internet station playlist inclusions; before returning to the sleazy, bar boogie of “Loose Lips & Tight Hips”.

Following the short sharp rocker “Confusion & Illusion”, the songs took somewhat of a downward spiral in quality for me. The hard working but quite forgettable “Tell Me Honey” gave way to the ordinary chanting of “Hell Hath No Fury”, both of which left me cold and had the overall feel of filler in comparison to the first five tracks. Things improve with “Legend Down” which has a real Scorpions feel to it which, if you like Schenker & company, then that will also float your particular boat; before the rousing album closer “Stand Up Get Up” that will I’m sure have many a gig goer raising the roof of many a venue.

In short and for me, it’s an album of two halves. The first being a rousing collection of rockers in various styles that would be a great addition to getting ready for a good night out. The second half suffers by comparison, in that the songs aren’t as instantly impressive and lessens the impact of the album as a whole. Of course, it may be that they will grow on you the more you spin the album, but several did come across to me as just included to complete the album which is a shame.

It’s produced nicely and the rhythm section of bassist Damian MacDonald and Rags ‘N’ Riches drummer Jason MacDonald are solid throughout, whilst lead guitarist Dave McKeowen is consistently excellent. Guitarist, lead singer and main man Scotty Ginn tempers his vocals to perfectly suit each track and he is particularly impressive on the sleazier tracks like “Miss Kitty’s Bar”.

The harder edged spirit of 80’s rock is indeed embodied with relish and enjoyment here and, whilst for me personally, some of the later tracks weren’t as good as the earlier ones, there is still an awful lot to enjoy on this Durty Triix debut.

Track List:
01. Living In Danger
02. Crackin’ Skulls & Breaking Bones
03. Miss Kitty’s Bar
04. Can’t Stop Thinking About You
05. Loose Lips & Tight Hips
06. Confusion & Illusion
07. Tell Me Honey
08. Hell Hath No Fury
09. Legend Down
10. Stand Up, Get It Up

Band Members:
Scotty Ginn – lead vocals, guitar
Dave McKeowen – lead guitar, backing vocals
Damian MacDonald – bass, backing vocals
Jason MacDonald – drums

Band Websites:
Mazz XT

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, October 2022

Durty Triix‘s “Hell Hath No Fury” video:

Durty Triix‘s “Stand Up, Get It Up” video: