Electric Angels: ‘Lost In The Atlantic’

Released in April 2017 (Demon Doll Records / Metal Legacy Records)

It’s scary to think how many good bands there were back in the early 1990s that never got their due as a result of the changing landscape known as grunge. I am glad that there are labels such as Demon Doll Records and FnA Records giving a chance to some of these bands to finally get their material or “buried treasure” out to the public.

The name Electric Angels didn’t ring a bell with me but guitarist Ryan Roxie‘s name sure did as I have grown to know him as one of Alice Cooper‘s stellar cast of guitarists. I was actually a little surprised to find out that Roxie was part of Electric Angels because I hadn’t realized that the guitarist is already in his early ’50s. With that information in mind, it starts to make sense that a young Roxie would be part of LA’s Sunset Strip in the early ’90s. While Roxie may be the one Electric Angels band member that I am familiar with, it’s actually singer Shane (kind of odd for him to simply rely on a generic name and not offer a last name for his fans when the rest of his bandmates do) who steals the show on Electric AngelsLost In The Atlantic.

Shane‘s voice is crystal clear and really carries most of the tracks. The music itself is lighter than the usual fare that I would listen to but is well executed. Electric Angels have a little bit of funk to their music and even throw in some saxophone on tracks “War Is Over” and “Color Of Hate.” Although all the songs on Lost In The Atlantic are enjoyable to listen to, I find that there is no standout song that really sticks out above and over the rest. In other words, the songs are all enjoyable but missing that one identifiable track to put the band on the map. In addition, aside from the album opener “New York Times” and closer “Ain’t Going Home With You”, Lost In The Atlantic seems to miss those really catchy melodies or even a big chorus to etch a song into your psyche.¬†With those warnings in place, Lost In The Atlantic is fun to listen to from start to finish. The best tracks are the opener “New York Times” with the catchy chorus, almost rap like verses and cool guitar riffs; the happy “Postcards From My Heart”; the saxophone heavy “Color Of Hate”; and, the peppy “Ain’t Going Home With You.”

Overall, Electric AngelsLost In The Atlantic is a solid release that was worth digging from the vaults but at the same time, there’s nothing that truly stands out. Perhaps that was Electric Angels‘ problem back in the day as well…

Track List:
01. New York Times
02. God’s Children
03. Lies My Father Told Me
04. Wish I Could Fly
05. War Is Over
06. Postcards From My Heart
07. Color Of Hate
08. Live Forever
09. Woke Up Blind
10. Def Generation
11. Spent The Night With A Memory
12. Hung Up On A Pin Up Girl
13. Cheap Lipstick On A Million Dollar Face
14. Ain’t Going Home With You

Band Members:
Shane – vocals
Ryan Roxie – guitar, background vocals
Jonathan Daniel – bass, background vocals
John Schubert – drums, background vocals

Additional Musicians:
Jamie Heath – sax (7)
Craig Dreyer – sax (5)

Re-mastering engineer: Lance V

Band Website:

Reviewed by Olivier for Sleaze Roxx, May 2017

Electric Angels‘ “New York Times” song:

Electric Angels – New York Times (Lost In The Atlantic)

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