Erotic Psycho: ‘The Lost Boyz’

Released on February 2, 2018 (Art Gates Records)

Erotic Psycho return with much more fun rock and a strong nod to bands such as Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd. Also once again dripping with sleaze that I feel dirty just playing it in the background at home. Fans of this genre will undoubtedly enjoy the debauchery this album delivers.

The lyrics are a little over the top sexual in some songs where even the track titles such as “Mainstream Whore” and “Squirt Baby Squirt” will be offensive to the casual listener. But hey, I feel Erotic Psycho aren’t looking to be politically correct in the slightest and would have welcomed Tipper Gore‘s warning labels on their album covers.

The title track is the only track that also appears on their debut EP. “Lost Boyz” seems to be re-recorded into a new version of sleaze but retaining the initial elements. “We’ll Go Wild” and “Suite In Hell” are also among the strongest on The Lost Boyz as the tracks are filled with a strong melody and arena-style catchy riffs. “Rock N Roll Is Not” appears as the final track with a straightforward punk attitude in the shadow of The Sex Pistols.

Overall, the songwriting does come across as substantially more advanced than their freshmen effort Sex You Up for which Sleaze Roxx stated, “All in all, Sex You Up sports heavy rocking riffs and rolling double-bass kicks and little in the way of pretension.” Erotic Psycho‘s sound could be best described as heavy melodic sleaze rock where the heaviness comes from the combination of strong assertive riffs with a dynamically efficient and powerful rhythm section. Yet, these are quickly wrapped up in melody and harmony straight from the same guitar lines with Nando Saints‘ vocal arrangements. Jay Martino delivers again filling each song with varied riffs and intense guitar solos as Lokki‘s bass and Moore‘s drums keep the groove going effortlessly.

If you’re feeling a little too squeaky clean today or just want to offend your girlfriend, then give The Lost Boyz a spin!

Track List:
01. Mainstream Whore
02. Lost Boyz
03. Hot Gun Killer
04. The Only Way Is Down
05. Sweet Suicide
07. Squirt Baby Squirt
08. Stinky Boy Blues
09. We’ll Go Wild
10. Suite in Hell
11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Not

Band Members:
Nando Saints – lead vocals
Jay Martino – rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals
Frost Moore – drums, backing vocals
Lokki – bass, backing vocals

Band Websites:
Official Website

Reviewed by Mark Hovath for Sleaze Roxx, June 2018

Erotic Psycho‘s Promo 2018:

Erotic Psycho – Promo 2018