Europe – Live From The Dark: Special Edition

Live From The Dark (Special Edition)
Released 2006 (MVD)

Track List:
DVD One: Live In London, England:
01. Got To Have Faith
02. Ready Or Not
03. Superstitious
04. America
05. Wings Of Tomorrow
06. Let The Good Times Rock
07. Animal Crossing/Seven Doors Hotel
08. Hero
09. Wake Up Call
10. Sign Of The Times
11. Milano/Girl From Lebanon
12. Carrie
13. Flames
14. Yesterdaze News
15. Rock The Night
16. Start From The Dark
17. Cherokee
18. Final Countdown
DVD Two: Extra Material:
01. 24 Hours Of Documentary From The Start From The Dark Tour
02. On Stage Interviews About The Bands Equipment
03. Bonus Tracks Recorded At Soundcheck: Spirit Of The Underdog and Heart Of Stone
04. Got To Have Faith And Hero Music Videos
05. Taxi Diaries: A Series Of Monologues With The Band As They Ride Trough London
Bonus CD: Start From The Dark:
01. Got To Have Faith
02. Start From The Dark
03. Flames
04. Hero
05. Wake Up Call
06. Reason
07. Song No. 12
08. Roll With You
09. Sucker
10. Spirit Of The Underdog
11. America
12. Settle For Love

Joey Tempest – vocals
John Norum – guitar
John Levin – bass
Ian Haugland – drums
Mic Michaeli – keyboards

I’ve always felt sorry for Europe. They are primarily remembered for the pomptastic keyboard-laced hit “Final Countdown”, a song that in my opinion is far from their best work. Also, guitarist John Norum has continuously flown under the radar both with Europe and as a solo artist, despite proving his chops time and time again.

  I have to give these guys credit though, they sound just like they do on their albums in a live setting. And unlike numerous groups that reunite and are a shell of their former selves, Europe still has the looks and musicianship – even their new material is some of their heaviest recordings ever. Also, I had forgot how good tunes such as “Ready Or Not”, “Let The Good Times Rock”, “Seven Doors Hotel” and “Rock The Night” actually were/are.

  Playing to what looks like a full house at London’s famed Apollo Hammersmith, Europe plays a setlist filled with the expected hits mixed with songs from their 2004 reunion album Start From The Dark. The video is well shot, capturing the band at their best as Joey Tempest increases the energy level as the show goes on. Some of the footage has that slightly grainy effect you sometimes see, but it doesn’t bother me. The only thing that does get tiresome is the dreary blue-tinged lighting scheme used throughout the performance.

  Europe fans will love this, there is no doubt about that – and even people that only remember Europe‘s chart-toppers may be surprised at how much the band actually rocks. Throw in more interviews and bonus footage then anyone could watch at one sitting and you have yourself one impressive DVD. The Special Edition also includes a CD of Start From The Dark.,

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, June 2006.

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