Europe – Live Look At Eden

Europe - Live Look At Eden

Released August 8, 2011 (earBOOKS)

Track List:
01. Last Look At Eden
02. Love Is Not The Enemy
03. Superstitious
04. Scream Of Anger
05. No Stone Unturned
06. New Love In Town
07. Seventh Sign
08. Rock The Night
09. The Beast
10. The Final Countdown
DVD Track List:
01. Last Look At Eden
02. No Stone Unturned
03. New Love In Town
04. Rock The Night
05. The Beast
06. Last Look At Eden (video)
07. New Love In Town (video)

Joey Tempest – vocals
John Norum – guitar
John Leven – bass
Ian Haugland – drums
Mic Michaeli – keyboards

Photos by Denis O’Regan.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ‘earbook’ version of Europe‘s Live Look At Eden. The ‘earbook’ being the latest concept in format marketing… or the latest rip off, depending on your point of view.

  Admittedly for the die-hards, this beautifully packaged hard cover book includes a storming live CD featuring a total of ten tracks taken from Poland, Sweden and London together with a DVD offering a short, sizzling set at London’s Roundhouse. In the book itself Denis O’Regan‘s moody black and white photographs chronicle a tour where the band are clearly savoring every moment of a comeback that has far exceeded the expectations of many — and that includes the band themselves.

  Whilst a whole raft of ’80s bands have returned and often served up the same old same old, Europe have succeeded in spending the last eight years reinventing their brand of melodic rock. Only they seem to have achieved the holy grail of managing to deliver a touch of nostalgia whilst sounding fresh, vibrant and dare I say it… relevant.

  The DVD is the real gem here and, sadly, all too short. Joey Tempest‘s vocals are flawless as the sprawling Zeppelin-esque “Last Look At Eden” opens the set. “The Beast” has guitarist John Norum riffing like a man possessed while “New Love In Town” (written for Tempest‘s newborn son) tugs at the heart strings like “Carrie” never could. “No Stone Unturned” hints further at a progressive direction and “Rock the Night” takes a rabid audience back to… you know when.

  The audience’s affection for the band is plain to see while watching Live Look At EdenEurope‘s future is assured, at least for the future to come, and look out for a new studio album, Bag of Bones, due in April.

Reviewed by Mark Redmayne for Sleaze Roxx, March 2012

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