Europe – The Final Countdown

Europe CD cover
Released on May 26, 1986 (Epic), 2001 (Legacy)
Billboard Chart Position #8

Track List:
01. The Final Countdown
02. Rock The Night
03. Carrie
04. Danger On The Track
05. Ninja
06. Cherokee
07. Time Has Come
08. Heart Of Stone
09. On The Loose
10. Love Chaser
11. Final Countdown (live **2001 remaster only**)
12. Danger On The Track (live **2001 remaster only**)
13. Carrie (live **2001 remaster only**)

Band Members:
Joey Tempest – vocals
John Norum – guitar
John Leven – bass
Ian Haugland – drums
Mic Michaeli – keyboards

Produced by Kevin Elson.

The Final Countdown was the breakthrough album for this talented Swedish quintet, eventually selling in excess of four million copies. Tunes like “Rock The Night” (#30), “Cherokee” (#72) and “Danger On The Track” really rock. Of course, it was the smash singles “Carrie” (#3) and the keyboard driven “The Final Countdown” (#8) that broke the album wide open.

Bombastic and slick pop metal, laced with Mic Michaeli‘s keyboards, was the sound created on The Final Countdown. The re-mastered version of the disc includes three bonus live tracks. Europe still reunites occasionally to do shows, but they were never able to match the success or over-the-top ness of The Final Countdown. I give this melodic rock album two thumbs up!

Reviewed by Pam for Sleaze Roxx, October 2003.

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