Exxocet: ‘Mighty Jungle’

Released on March 29, 2019 (Exxocet Records)

If I give this album to some Sleaze Roxx readers and ask if they can bet where the band Exxocet is from, I guess most of them would answer Sweden or Finland considering the mix of classic hard rock with modern sleaze and the great number of bands which came up from those countries during the last 10 to 15 years. But Exxocet are neither from Sweden nor Finland. They are from Chile, South America. This is the second album by Exxocet and it is incredible how they have evolved! Mighty Jungle was very recently released and comparing it to the debut album Rock & Roll Under Attack, this second release has much more quality and powerful songs. The production is excellent and obviously now they are seeking to achieve an international audience with hard rock fans from all over the world. I believe with this album, they can reach this goal.

Exxocet made a very well-produced album and have all the elements to succeed with Mighty Jungle. In terms of hair metal / sleaze metal / hard rock, they have catchy songs including a lot of reverb and chorus, great guitar riffs and a visual appeal with a “Sunset Strip inspired atmosphere” that immediately takes you back to the ’80s decade. It’s almost impossible to listen to “Alive” or “Night & Day” and not press the “repeat” button. I would say that Exxocet are a huge mix of old names like Def Leppard and Tigertailz with modern ones as Swedish rockers Crazy Lixx and Finnish rockers  Reckless Love (even Chris Lion‘s vocals are very similar to Olli Herman‘s).

As they state on Spotify’s band’s description, Mighty Jungle is “inspired in Latin American cultures, sounds, rhythmic elements and the power of Latin American culture and music, and mixes it with the classic energy of hard rock.” Listening to “Cannibal Carnival”, you can easily identify all these elements and it’s tough to point out examples of good songs because all tracks are very nice for hard rock fans.

“Goodbye I Say My Love” is the ballad of the album while “Screams From The South” is one of the most interesting songs with a powerful instrumental that brings you back in time to Ozzy Osbourne‘s 1988 solo album No Rest For The Wicked. All lyrics are in English except for “Tal Para Cual” that is sung in Spanish, the official language in Chile. But don’t worry about this because even if you don’t speak Spanish, you will enjoy the song and try to sing the lyrics.

They have already launched two official videos for Mighty Jungle on their YouTube channel — a music video for the track “Screams From The South” and a lyric video for “Alive.” Although Tom Azzter recorded the album back in 2018, Exxocet have recently announced Martín Fénix Alvarez, a 16-year-old boy, as the new drummer since last month.

We are in April but to me Exxocet are a great surprise for 2019 and Mighty Jungle tends to be one of my choices for the best hard rock albums of the year so far. I suggest that you spend some time listening to Exxocet‘s Mighty Jungle. It’s worth it and I fully recommend it to Sleaze Roxx readers and hard rock fans in general.

Track List:
01. Enter The Jungle
02. Cannibal Carnival
03. Mighty Jungle
04. Alive
05. Goodbye I Say My Love
06. Night & Day
07. Tal Para Cual
08. Summer Nites
09. Screams From The South
10. Rock & Roll

Band Members:
Ricci Love L. – guitar
Lukky Sparxx
– guitar
Chris Lion
– vocals
Danny Crow
– bass
Tom Azzter
– drums

Band Website:

Reviewed by Otavio Juliano (from Brazil) for Sleaze Roxx, April 2019

Exxocet‘s “Screams From The South” video:

Exxocet – Screams From The South (Official Music Video) #RockAintDead

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Exxocet‘s “Alive” lyric video:

Exxocet – ALIVE (Lyric Video) #RockAintDead

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