Faithsedge: ‘Restoration’

To be released on June 24, 2016 (Scarlett)

 are something of a loose “supergroup” featuring former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso, drummer Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Burning Rain), and Stryper bassist Tim Gaines.  Singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia has put together this line-up for Restoration, Faithsedge’s third studio recording, behind the band’s 2011 debut and 2014 follow-up The Answer Of Insanity.

Faithsedge offer something on the harder side of melodic/AOR. Throughout, the guitars have a prominent place, and the rhythm section bangs out the rough stuff.  Keyboards are mercifully kept to a minimum for the most part.

Lead off track “Never A Day” is a pretty solid rocker. I haven’t quite figured out the lyrics in “Jennifer” just yet, but the song has a late ’80s power rock feel. Ditto with “You Can’t Give Up” and its positive lyrics. “Faith And Chris” is your requisite ballad, which is “ok”, and shows off Floridia’s vocals pretty well. The opening riff of “Her Way Back” is a real throwback to a Skid Row sound, but I find the synth softens an otherwise good hard rock song. Similarly, “Regret At All” borders on a bit of punk in the opening, then a softer bridge. In general, the latter half of Restoration seems to get harder and chunkier, almost reminding me of Queensrÿche to an extent.

Restoration is, for the most part, a modern melodic album with several songs worth getting into and listening to some more.  I don’t know if it’s good enough to make me want to explore Faithsedge’s back catalogue, but I’ll think about it. Unfortunately, there’s nothing out there for people to sample off the new album, but below is the track “Saving Anything” from 2014’s Answer of Insanity.

Track List:
01. Never A Day
02. Jennifer
03. You Cannot Give Up
04. Faith And Chris
05. Her Way Back
06. Regret At All
07. This War
08. Taking Our Lives
09. Let You Breathe
10. This Is Everything

Band Members:
Giancarlo Floridia
– vocals, guitars
Alex De Rosso – guitars
Tim Gaines – bass
Matt Starr – drums

Band Websites:
Official Website

FAITHSEDGE- ‘Saving Anything’ official lyric video

‘Saving Anything’ is taken from Faithsedge’s new album ‘The Answer Of Insanity’, out September 2nd, 2014 on Scarlet Recordswww.scarletrecords.itBuy the album…