Fifi Larue – Fifi Larue

Fifi Larue - Fifi Larue
Released 2007 (Fifi Larue)

Track List:
01. Welcome To My Flyin’ Circus
02. Kiss To Kill
03. Mannequin Love
04. Killer Bitch
05. Dance With The Devil
06. Dr. Death
07. Rock Doll
08. So Blue Without You
09. People Are Strange
10. Imagine
11. Baby Killers
12. Walkin’ With The Dead
13. The Gothic Killer Clown
14. Brandi
15. Ballad Of The Killer Clowns

Fifi Larue – vocals
Marcus Sin – guitar
Andy Monic – bass
El Diablo – drums
Baron Karza – piano

Additional Musicians:
Chris Holmes – guitar (1 & 2)
Ryan Roxie – guitar (3)
C.C. DeVille – guitar (7 & 14)
Kerri Kelli – guitar (4, 8 & 14) and background vocals
Eric Dover – guitar (9)
“Pom” Kattaman Chouglin – guitar (12)
Chuck Garric – bass (4)
Stefan Adika – acoustic bass (8)
Eric Singer – drums (2,3,7 & 14)
Roxy Petrucci – drums (9)
J.L. – drums (5, 11 & 13)
Mr. 666 – drums (1,4,8 12)
Michael T. Ross – piano and keyboards (4,5,10,11 & 13)
Teddy “Zig Zag” Andreadis – piano and keyboards (8 & 9)
Derek Sherinian – piano and keyboards (14)
Tania Elisa Fernandez – background vocals (8, 10 & 12)
Hanna Star – screams (6 & 11)

Produced by Fifi Larue. Engineered by “Pom” Kattaman Chouglin and Andy Monic.

You may be thinking, Fifi Larue is the name of a rock singer? As funny as it sounds, it is true – but then again how weird would the name Alice Cooper have sounded to people in the early 70s? And it is obvious that Fifi Larue is heavily influenced by Alice Cooper and Kiss, for proof just check out his ‘demented clown’ appearance.

  Not only has Kiss influenced his appearance, but Fifi Larue also sings a lot like Ace Frehley. Not only do the two sound alike, but Fifi also has that laid-back nonchalant vocal delivery. Another thing Fifi Larue has is a warped mind, as this CD takes several odd twists and turns, heavily drenched in horror and sexual content (“Mannequin Love” anyone?). It all makes for an interesting and odd listen.

  The disc kicks off with female screams and laughter as Fifi storms into a W.A.S.P. induced frenzy on “Welcome To My Flyin’ Circus”. It’s not shocking how much this killer opening track sounds like W.A.S.P. considering Chris Holmes handles all the guitar duties on it. And he isn’t the only name musician appearing here, several rock stars lend a helping hand, including several from Alice Cooper‘s solo band. Fifi Larue keeps things up-tempo for other cool tracks like “Kiss To Kill”, “Killer Bitch”, “Dance With The Devil” and “Baby Killers”.

  This strange musician also mixes things up with a couple off-the-wall ballads in “So Blue Without You” and “Brandi”. He also turns The Doors‘ “People Are Strange” into a half-assed carnival song and then turns around and does John Lennon‘s “Imagine” justice.

  Fifi Larue is a warped and strange album, released by a warped and strange individual. All-in-all this is a pretty interesting release from the self proclaimed ‘gothic killer clown of rock n’ roll’. Plus I give Fifi Larue bonus points for, at one time, drumming for another bizarre band called Dizzy Bitch. –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2008.

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