Fig – Preoccupation Blue

Preoccupation Blue
Released 2003 (Flesh Horn Music)

Track List:
01. The Good Together Brings
02. Ain’t It Right
03. Rock Singer (New Year)
04. Pray To The Stars
05. Everything For A Reason
06. Time To Time
07. Hot Flashes
08. Until Tomorrow
09. Losing Streak
10. Wasn’t Talkin’ ‘Bout You
11. The Last Time
12. Sweet Nicole (demo version)

Matt Figurski – all vocals and instruments

Produced by Matt Figurski.

There is talk of members of Enuff Z’Nuff working with Fig on their upcoming release, which isn’t surprising seeing as Fig play a similar style of laid-back 70s influenced rock. It appears as if this is a one-man band, so there must be a lot of vocal multi-tracking to give the effect of the huge harmonies.

  “The Good Together Brings” has been getting some internet radio airplay due to it’s made for radio style and 70s retro guitar sound. “Rock Singer” is saved by Fig‘s awesome vocals, especially when he drags on the word “tear” — cool stuff. “Time To Time” and “Hot Flashes” have the band cranking it up, in fact the later has a dark Rob Zombie feel. “Losing Streak” reminds me of what the Cult‘s “The Witch” would sound like if sung by Zombie or Alice Cooper.

  If you are looking for a hard rocking album, look the other way, as this is an extremely relaxed radio-friendly pop-rock record. The vocals and music are great, and the band isn’t afraid to experiment. Fans of laid-back rock like Enuff Z’Nuff delivers should be impressed, check Fig out at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2004.

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