Flush the Fashion: ‘Failure Is Totally An Option’

Released on February 17, 2018 (BTHO)

Flush the Fashion
 are a gang of misfits from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Their debut album reflects a passion for post-’80s music for a band that got together just about a year ago. Interestingly enough, lately I re-watched a documentary on the old MTV show Headbanger’s Ball, which featured everyone from Guns N’ Roses and Anthrax, to Nirvana and Soundgarden. Don’t I just get the feeling that Flush The Fashion would fit in well on that show?

Granted, the band name isn’t the epitome of current sleaze metal nomenclature, but whatever. It’s all about the music, right? Someone needs to say “Holy Crap.” This is a kick ass album. So the production is not the greatest. But who cares? “Thunderdogs” is a romp through a bit of bluesy rock with a hard edge. I love it as a kind of Skid Row meets Cinderella sort of thing. Next up, “Burning It Down” is punk meets James Hetfield style rapid guitar lines. Ya, it’s pretty solid.

Not so sure about “Midnight Drunk At Noon.” It almost sounds like the tune was written pretty much to be reflective as the title suggests. It’s a bit of a mess. Drunk at noon, studio at two maybe? The intro to “Medicated Freakshow” isn’t much either, but the tune expands a bit better as a post-modern offering that doesn’t quite meet my old-school tastes, but may work for younger rockers.

A double bass and ride cymbal action on the instrumental track “Flash the Fusion” encourages an ’80s old-school feel. Well done with solos reminding me of everyone from Helloween to Armored Saint. The dark and methodical “Preachermans Door” draws on Bonafide or even Alice in Chains guitar effects, and I’m really into the delivery from vocalist Magnus MP Möller.  I like it, but it takes a while to get established. Then again, “Backstage Pass” is a different animal.  More like old Black Crowes mixed with The Answer as a southern blues/soul combination. Maybe even comparable to London Quireboys. I’m not sure it hits any particular mark, but not awful by any means. It’s catchy while not overly memorable.

What the fuck is up with “Crackhead Yeti”? Imagine a modern punk offering that kinda works as a fun little ditty clocking in at less than two minutes. I like the guitar work, especially the fun little Doors interlude. Fun to listen to once or twice, as the song’s title bizarrely intimates. The band laughter at the end of the track suggests they loved playing it. The acoustic “Letters From A Rooftop” reminds me of the old days, jamming with the band and floating with a riff. It’s ok when the band kicks at 1:30 in as a subdued backing to the premise, but why did they suddenly go full distortion at the three minute mark? I’ll pass given the incongruent method of delivery alone, which is a shame. The album ends with “Bullies” — an aptly named aggressive track which offers a really fun guitar line coupled with aggressive back end bass and drums. The instrumentation is pretty cool, but I’m not crazy about the vocal range on this one. Magnus has sounded better. Let’s play the averages to say why not. I’m not even sure Magnus is lead vocal on this track, since I sadly lack detailed liner notes. I apologize if this is the case.

Yep, another sleazy band from Europe is a noticeable entry into the fray.  Flush The Fashion may have an awkward name, and the album title Failure Is Totally An Option may be cute, but it is quite incorrect. Neither reflects the quality and potential of this band, be it with their current album, or in the future. Good luck boys!

Track List:
01. Thunderdogs
02. Burn It Down
03. Midnight Drunk At Noon
04. Medicated Freakshow
05. Flash The Fusion
06. Preacherman’s Door
07. Backstage Pass
08. Crackhead Yeti
09. Letters From A Rooftop
10. Bullies

Band Members:
Dennis Post – guitar
Rune Buck – guitar
Niels Alex Larsen – drums
Magnus MP Möller – vocals
K.D Johansen – bass

Band Website:

Reviewed by Metal Mike for Sleaze Roxx, April 2018

Flush The Fashion‘s “Thunderdogs” song:

Flush The Fashion – Thunderdogs

Official Audio for ‘THUNDERDOGS” by danish rawkers FLUSH THE FASHION off the album “THE HARDEST ROCK THAT EVER ROLLED” expected to be released later this yea…

Flush The Fashion‘s “Medicated Freakshow” song:

Flush The Fashion – Medicated Freakshow

Official Audio for “MEDICATED FREAKSHOW” by FLUSH THE FASHION taken from the album “FAILURE IS TOTALLY AN OPTION” Release date feb 17, 2018GET YOUR COPY OF …

Flush The Fashion‘s “Midnight Drunk At Noon” video:

Flush The Fashion – Midnight Drunk At Noon (Official Video)

Official Music Video for “MIDNIGHT DRUNK AT NOON” by danish rawkers FLUSH THE FASHION off the album “Failure Is Totally An Option”, released February 17th 20…