Ford T – ’04 Rocks

'04 Rocks
Released 2004 (Ford T)

Track List:
01. Gypsy Caress
02. Wild One
03. Hot Love
04. Dare Me

Kasper Westeraa – lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar
Kristian Clausen – lead and rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Jeppe Aarup – bass and backing vocals
Kim Sorensen – drums

Produced by Ford T. Recorded by Erik Olsen.

Ford T‘s mission is to bring the cock rock back into rock’n’roll, which is fine by me. Gritty attitude driven vocals, supercharged guitars and an aggressive rhythm section are always a welcome addition to my CD player. The boys also throw in a bit of punk, but not enough to piss of listeners such as myself.

  With a heavy Danish accent, the vocals have that gravel-throated delivery that so many artists wish they could master. When Kasper Westeraa screams “hot love” and “goddamn” on the third track you could swear he uncovered Gene Simmons‘ long-lost talent. Everything on this four song demo is fast and furious, dirty and ruthless.

  A lyrics sheet would be nice here, as I’m quite positive every song is about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll – perfect fodder for a sleaze band. A couple months ago I praised a new Canadian band called Stampede Queen, and Model T reminds me of them – a raw and rough version. Check these Danish rockers out at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, October 2004.

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