Fraze Gang – Fraze Gang

Fraze Gang
Released 2006 (Fraze Gang)

Track List:
01. Blow Me Away
02. Savior
03. Broken Hero
04. Sugar Daddy
05. Rainbow Eyes
06. Paradise
07. High Life
08. I Stand Alone
09. You Had It All
10. Stargazer
11. Roll With The Punches
12. Hot Rod

Greg Fraser – guitar and lead vocals
Stevie Skreebs – bass and backing vocals
Phil Epp – drums and backing vocals

Additional Musicians:
Rob Patterson – keyboards and backing vocals
Fred Maiuri – keyboards
Tim Hicks – keyboards
Corey MacFadyen – keyboards
Tom Gagliardi – backing vocals
Teri Andrusiw – backing vocals
Larry Townsend – backing vocals

Produced by Greg Fraser.

Remember Brighton Rock? Canadian readers will remember for sure, and others may recall songs such as “We Came To Rock” and “Can’t Wait For The Night”. Two former members of that band have returned with Fraze Gang, those being guitarist Greg Fraser and Stevie Skreebs.

  Personally, aside from the hits, I never listened to Brighton Rock that much – hey, my sister had their CDs, and it just wasn’t ‘cool’ to listen to anything your younger sibling would enjoy (although in years since I have secretly grabbed a few of her albums). So I really can’t compare the old to the new, all I can do is give you an idea of what Fraze Gang sounds like.

  To me Fraze Gang sounds like early Beggars & Thieves with a hint of Ace Frehley (especially on “Sugar Daddy”). This self-titled debut is a good album, and without a doubt it is an 80s sounding album. You see, the band throws out some melodies, harmonies, solos and the heartfelt ballad – in fact, two of members of this trio still have long flowing manes!

  The disc starts off on the right note with “Blow Me Away” and its crisp riffing and then drifts into the VERY Beggars & Thieves sounding “Savior”. Things get a bit predictable on the second half, but honestly the only disappointing track here is the southern barroom boogie of “Hot Rod”, and that is more due to the fact that it sounds out of place here. Melodic rock fans that like their music on the mellow side are going to salivate over this disc.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, August 2006.

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