Funny Money – Skin To Skin

Skin To Skin
Released 2003 (Funny Money)

Track List:
01. Bad Luck
02. Do Ya Wanna?
03. Skin To Skin
04. Good Boy Gone Bad
05. Just One Dance
06. Sharp As Knives
07. Ain’t Standin’ Still
08. You Rub Me The Right Way
09. I’m Your Whore
10. Bump & Grind
11. I Don’t Care About Everything
12. She Turns
13. Nice Guys Finish Last

Steve Whiteman – vocals
Dean Cramer – guitar
Louis Coppola – guitar
Mark Schenker – bass
Sam Stilwell – drums

Additional Musicians:
Ronnie Younkins – guitar (1)
Jimmy Chalfant – drums (1, 3, 5 & 10)
Rob Galpin – guitar

Produced and engineered by Mark Schenker.

This is what I love about vocalist Steve Whiteman, no matter what album of his you
purchase, you know exactly what you will be getting. In high school if you purchased a
Kix cassette, you would be the proud owner of some great party hard rock–some
fifteen years later if you purchase a Funny Money CD, you will be the proud owner
of more great party hard rock! Just like the sun rising in the east — it has become a
given that Whiteman will only be involved with quality kick-ass albums.
Thank God some things never change!

  The best songs on the disc are “Good Boy Gone Bad” (with a Cheap Trick
feel), “Just One Dance”, “You Rub Me The Right Way” and “I Don’t Care About Everything”.
Musically the band is top notch, playing homage to the rhythm/lead attack of bands like
AC/DC. It was great to see former Kix members Ronnie Younkins and
Jimmy Chalfant make guest appearances (no wonder “Bad Luck” sounded so much like
the old days!). If there is one complaint with Skin To Skin, it’s that the
mix/production is a touch muddy — but not enough to hinder the record.

  Once again Funny Money has released a fun hard rock album, one that
every sleaze fan should own. Kix never received the recognition they deserved,
and neither will Funny Money — but at least those of us who enjoy great music
have something to bang our heads too. Have a listen for yourself at

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, October 2003.

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