G.L.A.S. – 18

Released 2005 (G.L.A.S. Music)

Track List:
01. Take Me Now Or Go
02. I Cry Alone Tonight
03. The Sweet Sound Of The Hard Falling Rain
04. If You Walk Away
05. No More Lonely Days, No More Lonely Nights
06. Your Dreams

Alex “Midnight”Moschini – lead/backing vocals, bass and keyboards
Massimo Cappelli – lead/backing vocals and guitars
Alessio Viani – lead guitars
Sergio Leonetti – drums

Produced by G.L.A.S. and Andrea Roventini.

An eighteen year history and this is the best G.L.A.S. can come up with? As I listen to 18 I keep thinking of being semi-conscious at a wedding reception listening to the house band lull the few remaining guests into a drunken coma. Speaking of being drunk, this weekend I bounced my head like a ping pong ball off a cement step, and even that was less painful then this album!

  I’m tempted to completely skip the actual music on this AOR release (have you figured out yet that I am not a big fan of AOR, I like my music to be dangerous). It took all the way to song four to hear something even remotely interesting. The guitar solo on “If You Walk Away” isn’t half bad, and even though the vocals are way to wimpy and dreamy I like how they are about to crack on this tune. The solo on “Your Dreams” isn’t that bad either, but a handful of acceptable guitar solos is hardly enough to recommend this album.

  Too many keyboards, too many half-hearted mid-tempo tunes and not enough attitude and ROCK makes for one boring album. Hell, even the album artwork is boring! I can’t even think of anyone to compare G.L.A.S. to, because I rarely listen to music like this. Next on the agenda is to put this one in a stack of CDs never to be seen again, and then go nurse my weekend wounds. Enter www.glasweb.it at your own risk.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, July 2005.

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