Gasoline – Soul Potion

Gasoline - Soul Potion
Released 2006 (Valve Records)

Track List:
01. Love Potion
02. VooDoo
03. Sunshine
04. Don’t Let Me Down
05. Soulshaker
06. Lady
07. Rock’N’Roll Elevation
08. When The Night Comes
09. Only One
10. Shaking My Bones
11. Angels & Devils

Jens Bakker – vocals
Andreas Merten – guitar
Oliver Moller – guitar
Stefan Winkler – bass
Stefan Bessler – drums

Ah yes, German ‘Heartland Rock’ is alive and well, Soul Potion indeed my good friends. If you like your rock with a southern soul tinge, then Gasoline delivers 100%.

  Gasoline has hit their stride with Soul Potion, their second release. Gasoline at times reminding me of The Black Crowes and at other times Widespread Panic, and even to a lesser degree Canadians Big Sugar. While Soul Potion isn’t a two-fisted rock ‘n’ roll attack it does hold its own and has some very good rockers, namely “Voodoo”, “Rock’N’Roll Elevation” and “Only One”. These songs hit the genre right on the mark and are as good as any who have come before them. They slow things down a little with “Don’t Let Me Down” but it was a favorite of mine when the dust cleared, it has a great bluesy-rock feel to it.

  Jens Bakker has very good vocals, very strong with a lot of range and no noticeable accent. There is a decent amount of riffage on the CD and it’s done very well, although I would have loved to hear more of it.

  Gasoline sums up their style of music with a message on the inside of the folder, “Take your shoes off, shake your bones and sing like a free bird”. – –

Reviewed by Frogstomp for Sleaze Roxx, February 2008.

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