Gelatin Skelatin: ‘Year of The Skelatin’ EP

To be released in December 2022 (Gelatin Skelatin)

The obvious first impression regarding these Canadian rockers has to be how truly horrible the band name actually is! I’m sure there has to be some logical reasoning behind whoever came up with it, but it certainly doesn’t raise any great content expectations. Having said that however, their self-titled 2020 debut album did garner enough favourable response for them to release this EP – presumably as a teaser for a potential second album.

The chanting “80s Ladies” is a rather  muddled opener that comes complete with sub-Steel Panther lyrics and more ‘Woah, woah’s’ than you can shake the proverbial stick at. It’s efficiently performed but when compared to the similarly themed “80’s Girl” by Sunset Strip tribute band Mullett from their Originals album , then this effort comes off as a very distant second best.

Things improve greatly with “Bad Alphabet” where they drop the rather clumsy affectations of the opener in favour of a simple, stomping mid-tempo song that is aided by excellent guitar work courtesy of Chris Eveland. This carries on through the equally impressive “If You Can’t Do What’s Right (Do What’s Left)” which features surprisingly clever lyrics and yet more fine guitar work, before a passable and proficient cover of Def Leppard’s “Wasted” closes proceedings and will apparently only be available on the first 200 pressed CDs.

On the whole, the production is decent and the driving rhythm section of Myles Rourke on bass and Kevin Eamon on drums is solid throughout. Brett Kelly’s vocals reminded me somewhat of D.D. Fox in his Sinful Lixx time, which is actually more of a compliment than it may at first sound because I did like that band’s sole album, and Kelly definitely gives it his best shot here.

The band will be touring the UK in 2023 including a spot at Hard Rock Hell VI alongside the likes of Jetboy and Ted Poley, so will it indeed be the Year of The Skelatin? Personally, I very much doubt it, but there are two very good songs in the middle of this release that may very well go some way towards proving me wrong.

Track List:
01. 80s Ladies
02. Bad Alphabet
03. If You Can’t Do What’s Right (Do What’s Left)
04. Wasted

Band Members:
Brett Kelly – vocals
Chris Eveland – guitar
Myles Rourke – bass
Kevin Eamon – drums

Band Website:

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, November 2022

Gelatin Skelatin‘s “80s Ladies” video: