Generation Landslide: ‘Ruling The Street Scene’

To be released on November 25, 2022 (Weapon Records / Vanity Music Group)

Former Cold Sweat drummer Anthony White has vacated his stool, gathered some ex-colleagues and mates together, and taken on the guitar and vocal duties at the forefront of his new melodic project Generation Landslide who are about to release their debut album. Things kick off with the lively opener “Little Miss Lonely” that has everything — probably including the kitchen sink — thrown into it for good measure, but is no less enjoyable for all that.

“Feel The Sensation” is full of nice harmonies but just felt a little too lightweight for me, whilst the same could easily be said about “Nite Time Magic” despite fine twin guitar work from White and cohort Sandy Stein. “I’ll Keep Movin’ Along” has a tougher feel with a slightly funk tinge to it before the extended ballad “Love And Pain” comes complete with more delicate harmonies and swirling guitar breaks.

The Phil Lynott plea “Are You Out There” is an inventive and effective tribute with song titles referenced and suitably styled playing that would honour the man himself, and not be out of place in any tribute band set either, making it a highlight here too. The sweeping “Sweet Ellie May” has an obvious essence of Cold Sweat to it before venturing into the Extreme like pairing of the sugary “The City On The Edge of Forever” and the passable ballad “Me In You”. “Standing In The Rain” closes the album with a very street smart Danger Danger element to it that made me wish that more of the songs here were as good as this.

The production is crisp and clean and the rhythm section of ex-Lillian Axe drummer Ken Koudelka and bassist Jonathon Swanson are fully on point throughout whilst Sandy Stein appears not to put a foot wrong either. Anthony White has made the transition to frontman seamlessly, has the vocal prowess and style to carry it all off perfectly; and the aforementioned harmonies that feature in every song are beautifully captured and delivered.

The problem is that the songs aren’t particularly instant or memorable – with the exception of tracks 1 , 6 and 10 – but the band members have obviously put their all into the project and it is an album laced with such care and affection that it seems cruel to criticize that aspect and, after all, they may well grow on you with repeated spins. If you like your melodic rock polished & glossy, then you may well want to check out Generation Landslide.

Track List:
01. Little Miss Lonely
02. Feel The Sensation
03. Nite Time Magic
04. I’ll Keep Movin’ Along
05. Love & Pain
06. Are You Out There
07. Sweet Ellie May
08. The City On The Edge of Forever
09. Me In You
10. Standing In The Rain

Band Members:
Anthony White – lead vocals, lead guitar
Sandy Stein – guitar
Jonathon Swanson – bass
Ken Koudelka – drums

Band Websites:

Reviewed by Rockney Colin for Sleaze Roxx, November 2022

Generation Landslide‘s “Little Miss Lonely” video:

Generation Landslide‘s “Feel The Sensation” video: