Graveyard BBQ – Greatest Hits Volume II

Graveyard BBQ - Greatest Hits Volume II

Released 2007 (Dirtcore Records)

Track List:
01. Introduction
02. The Clothes That Make The Man
03. Creamskull Boogie
04. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
05. BBQ Nation
06. Meat Yer Enemy
07. Entremission
08. Ride The Stache
09. Teazer
10. The Road That Lies Ahead
11. Graveyard BBQ (Reprise)
12. By The Grace Of The Grill
13. Encore

Howlin’ Jack Boone – vocals
Brownbag Johnson – guitar and vocals
Bud Black – bass
Billy Z. Bubb – drums

Additional Musicians:
Reverand Brixx – guest vocals (6)
JET – guest vocals (6)
Ben Crandall – guest guitar solo (6)
Lili Bellini – backup vocals
Karen Bellini – backup vocals

Produced by Brownbag Johnson and Jim Foster.

How the hell did I miss out on Graveyard BBQ when this disc arrived in 2007? I have no idea, but this is a classic case of better late than never. Calling this CD Greatest Hits Volume II is quite a coup considering the only way the Graveyard BBQ will have a ‘hit’ is if an errant slab of beef flies off the BBQ grill and clubs one of the band members on the forehead!

  That doesn’t mean this album sucks, far from it – it just means that the Graveyard BBQ‘s brand of alcohol-fueled aggression will never be accepted by the mainstream. Oh well, that is their loss and our gain! What makes the band work so well is how they constantly mix things up and include a healthy does of humor to the whole affair. It really is a recipe for great music, and likely better than anything these fucked up sleazebags could put together over the coal pit.

  Occasionally the band does go overboard, slipping into Pantera territory on songs such as “The Clothes That Make The Man” and “Meat Yer Enemy”. Don’t let that scare you away though, because for the most part these guys sound like Raging Slab coming completely unhinged, and the rapid-fire drumming of “Creamskull Boogie” and a killer rendition of AC/DC‘s “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” more than make up for the odd miscue. And that doesn’t even take into account the best of these ‘greatest hits’! That honor is reserved for the female vocal backed “BBQ Girl”, the southern-boogie of “Teazer” and “Ride The Stache”, the latter being a flawless combination of sleaze and aggression – and a hell of a bargain at “5 cents to ride the stache”!

  Greatest Hits Volume II is as fucked up as music is allowed to get without becoming completely unlistenable. It comes as no surprise that Graveyard BBQ recently won a ‘High Times Doobie Award’, and judging by the music these guys have served up I’m recommending that cannabis be included as a side-dish at every BBQ. This is one cook-out party that everyone should attend! –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, April 2009.

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