Guiltz N Pleasurez – Out Of Control

Guiltz N Pleasurez - Out Of Control

Released July 1, 2013 (Gnp Records)

Track List:
01. Baby Be Mine
02. Dr Jack
03. Lovin’ You Is A Heartache
04. Out Of Control
05. Slippin’ Out

Bobby Valentine – vocals
Rockie Steel – guitar
Lee Downs – bass
Dany Redlar – drums
Alex Grant – keyboards

Guiltz N Pleasurez is an independent English sleaze band, hailing from London, that have built themselves a strong reputation. Frontman Bobby Valentine, formerly of Silicone Bullet and Damn Dice, seems to have finally found his niche. Drenched in keyboards, guitars, and melodies that are similar to that of Bon Jovi, Guiltz N Pleasurez put a nice fresh sound on the genre so it doesn’t sound dated.

  The quality and production on the band’s debut EP Out Of Control is absolutely professional and fresh sounding, and the songs will hit you like a slap in the face. The first track, “Baby Be Mine”, is a fantastic rocker with a heavy Crashdiet-like mood mixed with the melodic keyboards and vocals of Reckless Love. The song is full out ’80s hair metal — powerful and proud. Valentine is definitely at his peak vocally and his presence as a frontman is akin to David Lee Roth. The second track, which is a little punky and upbeat, is a tale about that one guy who we all know is wasting their life away with alcohol. The song, “Dr. Jack”, is a great good-time rocker with amazing guitar work — it is old school to the bone, raw and in your face. These British sleaze rockers know what they’re doing and do it quite well.

  “Lovin’ You Is A Heartache” packs a punch with a heavier Bon Jovi sound that is full of melodic keyboard/guitar work and a dazzling solo perfectly executed with one of those ‘fuck yeah!’ solos. The title track “Out Of Control” is like David Lee Roth and Reckless Love with a little of the afore mentioned Bon Jovi — a great anthemic rocker that is perfect with the top down on your convertible, hitting the town with your friends and a couple ladies. The closing “Slippin’ Out” starts off sounding tame but it unleashes into a kick ass ball-busting rock ‘n’ roll number with a Poison meets Def Leppard kind of feel. Complete with cow bell, amazing guitar playing and dazzling keyboards, “Slipping Out” ends the EP on a rock ‘n’ roll high.

  Guiltz N Pleasurez are fantastic and hold nothing back on their debut EP. Grab yourself a copy now and go get ‘Out Of Control’! –

Reviewed by Andrew Miller for Sleaze Roxx, July 2013

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