Guns Of Glory – On The Way To Sin City

Guns Of Glory - On The Way To Sin City

Released on February 22, 2013 (Pure Rock Records/Pure Steel Records)

Track List:
01. El Savior
02. I’m Glad You’re Gone
03. Drive-By Lover
04. Whiskey Girls
05. Sisters Of Sin
06. Rock N’ Load
07. Don’t Fool With The Guns
08. Load Your Guns
09. Never Stop (That’s Rock N’Roll)

Band Members:
Petri Puheloinen – vocals and bass
Riku Lepisto – guitar and backing vocals
Oskari Hurskainen – guitar and backing vocals
Joni Takalo – drums

Additional Musicians:
Miitri Aaltonen – backing vocals and percussion (2,5)

Produced and recorded by Miitri Aaltonen and Anssi Kippo.

With a successful career that has spanned thirty years, I’m surprised more bands haven’t tried to emulate the D-A-D formula. I’m sure there have been hard rock groups that have made attempts to capture that type of sound, but few have done it as successfully as Guns Of Glory — in fact you can almost picture the members of this new Finnish band wearing the firework spewing helmets featured in D-A-D‘s “Sleeping My Day Away” video.

I’ve had On The Way To Sin City for close to a year now and keep coming back to it because it is consistent from top to bottom and practically bursting with energy. Right from the opening chords of “El Savior”, Guns Of Glory put the pedal to the metal and kick all sorts of ass. “Drive-By Lover” is another fine example of the band’s minimalist approach, a straight-forward rocker with a screaming chorus, while the raunchy “Whiskey Girls” is driven by an infectious riff that flows up and down the fretboard. “Load Your Guns” is yet another standout track — with its gruff vocals it is the type of song Motörhead might have recorded if they ventured into sleaze metal territory.

For those curious about the D-A-D comparisons mentioned earlier, check out the mid-tempoed “I’m Glad You’re Gone” and the killer single “Sisters Of Sin.” The latter may in fact be Guns Of Glory‘s shining moment as it is a hard-hitting number that doesn’t overwhelm the listener — instead the group adds just a hint of melody to flesh out their sound.

I hate to say Guns Of Glory are copycats, as they are heavier and slightly punkier, but several times on their debut album, they do D-A-D better than the original. There isn’t a bad song on On The Way To Sin City, and even though the album is nine songs in length, it practically flies by. If these guys slipped past you earlier in 2013, do yourself a favor and correct that error because this release is top notch — right down to the professional artwork on the cover and within the booklet itself. Guns Of Glory are great… and definitely headed for glory among fans of unrelenting sleaze.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, February 2014

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