Gynger Lynn – Baby’s Gone Bad

Gynger Lynn - Baby's Gone Bad

Released July 13, 2010 (Eonian Records)

Track List:
01. Take Me Away
02. Need To Know
03. Baby’s All Talk
04. Along The Way
05. Yes It’s True
06. Need A Little Love
07. Goin’ Home
08. Summertime
09. Lonely, Lonely
10. Never Find A Better Girl
11. Wanna Be Your Lover
12. The Chance
13. Stay With Me
14. Baby’s Gone Bad
15. Way Of the World
16. Bad Luck

Dean Pressley – vocals and rhythm guitar
Will Hair – lead guitar
Jim Stuppy – bass and keyboards
Luke James Lorraine – drums
Gavin Jadwin – keyboards

Produced by Jim Stuppy, Dean Pressley and Will Hair. Executive producer Stephen Craig.

When I reviewed Gynger Lynn‘s self-titled debut last year I felt they were a little ‘soft’ to be named after a famous porn star. Whereas the debut concentrated on the band’s 1990/91 material, Baby’s Gone Bad focuses on what they recorded in 1993. It was a bad time for hair metal bands… grunge was in full-swing at that time and record labels and the music buying public were throwing glam bands away faster than used toilet paper.

  Gynger Lynn can be a frustrating band to listen too. Sure the production values on these old tracks leave a lot to be desired, but it is the music itself that can be so disheartening. “Take Me Away” for instance is a run-of-the-mill glitter punk glam, but the chorus completely sucks you in — the same can be said for the keyboard infused “Baby’s All Talk”. “Along The Way”, complete with the sound of birds chirping at the outset, is a heartfelt ballad that goes nowhere while “Yes Its True” is best forgotten. I begin to wonder if it’s time for me to give up on Gynger Lynn.

  After sleep-walking through a few more tracks, and almost drifting off myself, Baby’s Gone Bad finally delivers the harder sound I’ve always wanted from Gynger Lynn. By no means are these guys heavy metal, but on “Wanna Be Your Lover” they finally add some crunch to their brand of hair metal. It’s a dreamy sound, but the song brings back memories of the teased hair of the early ’90s. “The Chance” is another cool tune, proving that guitars and keyboards can co-exist in rock music if done properly — and guitarist Will Hair finally shows off his chops on this track. By the time “Stay With Me” hits I’m glad I didn’t fall asleep as Gynger Lynn puts the pedal to the metal on this one, arguably their heaviest number, although the title track gives it a run for it’s money. Gynger Lynn even find a ballad that works with “Way Of The World”.

  Baby’s Gone Bad was created during a turbulent time for hair metal bands, and it shows in the music contained within. After boring me to death the CD exploded with an urgency I wasn’t suspecting. It’s as if two different bands recorded this album, even though all the songs have a unified sound but completely opposing attitudes. If Gynger Lynn could have created an entire album that sounded like the second half of Baby’s Gone Bad perhaps history would have treated them better. – –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, July 2010

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