Gynger Lynn – Gynger Lynn

Gynger Lynn - Gynger Lynn

Released 2009 (Eonian Records)

Track List:
01. Dirty
02. Reasons Why
03. One And Only
04. My, My Lisa
05. Why Is It Over
06. On My Way
07. Tell The World
08. In My Heart
09. Wanna Be Your Lover
10. I Love The Lights
11. Arms Around You
12. Faces
13. Love

Dean Pressley – vocals and guitar
Will Hair – lead guitar
Jim Stuppy – bass
Frank Paul – drums

Additional Musicians:
John Hunter – piano

Produced by Gynger Lynn and John Hunter. Mixed by Joe Bader and Chris Shepard. Executive producer Stephen Craig.

If you’re going to name your band after one of the most infamous porn starlets of the 1980s, you better be fucking good (no pun intended). While Ginger Lynn was screwing on camera with a fire that made her stand-out from the crowd, Gynger Lynn was…well, playing small clubs in the Chicago area and going largely unnoticed.

  The question now is, should Gynger Lynn have reached the same level of success in their career choice as Ginger did in hers? Judging by these 13 tracks recorded in 1990/91 the answer is no. I’m not saying the band is bad, but like the forgettable second-tier porn sirens of the 80s Gynger Lynn didn’t have the songs to take them to that next level. Sure the tracks on this self-titled release are enjoyable, but they aren’t earth-shattering or innovative.

  I will say this though, if the entire CD sounded like the first track “Dirty” these guys would have been criminally underrated. The song is a balls-to-the-wall rocker that has a lot in common with the energy that Kix displayed during their heyday. Unfortunately, aside from “On My Way”, none of the other songs come close to this one. Although I do find myself also enjoying the Sunset Strip influenced “I Love The Lights”, the moodier “One And Only”, and the irresistibly pop-tastic “Tell The World” in which vocalist Dean Pressley reminds me of bubblegum version of Dee Snider. When Gynger Lynn really rock they are able to reach the heights of early Kix, but when they venture into the ballad and mid-tempo realm they sound like an endless list of unsuccessful regional bands.

  One would imagine that a band named after a porn star would be singing about sex and drugs, so it is a bit shocking how often they sing about love and relationships! Gynger Lynn should have laid off the ballads and instead stuck to the raunchy formula of the opening track. This ‘Lynn’ needed more filth, so as it stands, if I had to choose one I’d spend more time with Ginger! –

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, May 2009.

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